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Basic Catholic Philosophy

Catholicism 101: Why Are We Here? by A

Catholicism 101: Knowing God Is There by A

Catholicism 101: God the Creator by A

Whole and Fraction: Truth, Life and Love by A

Just For Kicks by A

Freedom by A

Happiness or A's Apologia by A

On Private Judgment by P

Infallible List of Infallible Doctrines? by David A.

What is a Mystery? by Vincent Arong

Christ and His Temptation by Padro

The Trinity in Nature by Michael DeAngelo

Thoughts on Death by Michael DeAngelo

Interview with a Catholic Teen from the Philippines by A and Ringo Rodriguez


Five Non-Negotiable Issues for Faithful Catholics by P

Why Be Moral? by A

Law of Nature: Good and Evil by A

Moral Relativism Refuted by A

The Philosophical Weakness of the "Pro-Choice" Movement by Vincent Arong

Debate on Abortion by A

Can Catholics be Pro-Abortion? by A

What's Wrong with Same-Sex Marriages? by Seth Brotherton

Five Myths About Masturbation by Brian Kissinger

Theism / Atheism / Skepticism

Fictional Discussion with an Atheist by A

Does God Exist? Several Arguments For by A

Questions and Answers on Christian Theism by A

God's Existence and Nature by Seth Brotherton

Refutation of So-Called "Mistakes of Aquinas" by A

Thomistic Approaches for the Existence of God by A

Shredding the Gospels: Contradictions, Errors, Mistakes, Fictions by Diogenes the Cynic

Defending the Gospels: Answers To Problems, reply to above by John McClymont

Countering Biblical Contradictions by Andrew Tong et al

Solutions to the Problem of Evil by Norman Geisler and others

The Da Vinci Code Fraud: Cracked by the Critics by P

Divinity of Doubt Demolished by P (incomplete), a review/critique of Vincent Bugliosi's book

Taking the "Debunking Christianity" Challenge for 2010 by P (incomplete)

Evaluation of the "New Atheism": Atheist Arguments and Christian Responses by P (incomplete)

Review of The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism by P

Traditionalist Catholicism

Traditional or Liberal? Right or Left Wing Catholicism? by A

The Pseudo-Intellectualism of Radical Traditionalists by A

A Letter from a Devil on Radical Traditionalism by A

A Letter from a Devil on Assisi: Traditionalist Misunderstandings by A

Spirituality and Radical Traditionalists by A

Musings on McElhinney's Prescription Against Traditionalism by A

The Heresy of Americanism: Response to Traditionalists by Shaun Kenney


The Achilles Heel of Atheism and Protestantism by Jonathan

I Hate My Generation: Why I Left Evangelicalism by Tim Enloe

My Quest for the True Holy Grail by Ysatis De Saint-Simone

The Shroud of Turin: Its History and Authenticity by Gio di Russo

Reconciliation of God's Foreknowledge with Human Freedom by Seth Brotherton

Whether the Human Soul is Immortal by Seth Brotherton

On Dialogue with Muslims by A

On Intolerance and Charity by a Spanish priest

The Sin of Idolatry and Iconic Participation by Steven Todd Kaster

Zikkaron: Liturgical Remembrance and Sacred History by Steven Todd Kaster

Priest Abuse Scandal Statistics by John Jay College

Debate on the Priest Abuse Scandal edited by P

Harold Camping's Strange "Biblical Numerology" by P (incomplete)

Can We Know the Time of the End? by Scott Pero (removed at author's request)


Does the Christian God Exist? A Debate by A.L. vs. James Brown

Is it Rational to Believe in God? A Debate by A.L. vs. Micheal Planck

Debate on Religion and God's Existence by A

Fr. Frederick Copleston vs. Bertrand Russell: A Debate on the Existence of God the full 1948 BBC transcript edited by P

William Lane Craig vs. Bart Ehrman Debate on the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus transcript of debate from College of the Holy Cross edited by P

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be a Christian: A Reply to Geisler/Turek by Kyle Williams

Science (Evolution/Creation/Intelligent Design)

Catholic Dogma and Teaching on Creation edited by P

Evidence for an Old Earth and Evidence for Evolution by P

Theistic Evolution vs. Six-Day Creation: Reply to Sungenis
and Part 2 on Age of Earth and Part 3 on Evolution by P

Theistic Evolution and the Roman Catholic Church by P

Intelligent Design and the Church: An Exchange by P

The Firing Line 12/4/1997 Creation-Evolution Debate Transcript and Audio edited by P

Nightline 8/10/2005 on Intelligent Design Transcript and Audio edited by P

The Original "Wedge Document" by the Discovery Institute (PDF)

The Kitzmiller-Dover Intelligent Design Trial Decision by Judge John E. Jones (PDF)

Human Persons Created in the Image of God by International Theological Commission

Creation and Evolution by Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna

Hominization: On the Origin of Mankind and a Story of the Fall by Valter Krajcar, Ph.D.

Adam, Eve, and the Hominid Fossil Record edited by P

Does Science Allow for a Literal Adam and Eve? by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.

Christianity and the Birth of Science by Michael J. Bumbulis, Ph.D.

History of the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth by Davis A. Young, Ph.D.

Different Kinds of Darwinism by William Dembski, Ph.D.

Review of Blueprints: The "Ignorant, Stupid, Insane, Wicked" Comment in Context by Richard Dawkins, Ph.D.

The Evolution of "Bible-Science": Young Earthers, Geocentrists, and Flat Earthers by Robert Schadewald

Geocentrism: Flogging a Pink Unicorn by Alec MacAndrew, Ph.D.

Geocentrism Disproved: Ken Cole vs. Robert Sungenis edited by P

Catholic Creationism and Jack Chick Comics edited by P

Catholicism, Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard edited by P

A Critique of the Power of Positive Thinking and the "Supreme Secret" of Napolean Hill by Allan Turner

Warning: Gravity is "Only a Theory" by Ellery Schempp, Ph.D.

Questions and Answers on Evolution, Creation, and Faith by A

Science and Religion by A

Catholic Views on Evolution and Creation from Steve Ray's board

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor -- click for the Summa online

 A: Good work! Are you really only in high school? You understand the arguments better than most college students. We have a budding philosopher here.

Peter Kreeft, 12/9/2002

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