SweetNight Reviews

This product is affordable because it is for sale for under $1,000, even mattresses. Quite interesting, right? The size of the mattress is varied so that consumers can buy what they need.

SweetNight Reviews
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We also provide king-size, queen-size, 8-inch mattresses, and so on. You can understand the whole variety on the website. Consumers can also buy pillows, toppers, eye tech masks, and blankets.

Every SweetNight product has received certificates, such as those for “Eco-Friendly,” “Best Value for the Money,” “ISPA,” and “CertiPUR-US Foam.” If consumers have questions, they can also contact customer service, which is active 24 hours a day.

After knowing a bit about the brand profile, you must be curious about the quality of the products, right? Well, before jumping into that, check out the section below to know why you should shop with this brand.

Why Shop at SweetNight?

Maybe you are still thinking about why you chose SweetNight and not the other brands. We will tell you that the product has many advantages.

The first advantage of our product is specially fabricated. The material used is of high quality, so consumers can use it for more than 10 years.

Because we manufacture the product, the price is reasonable. Our marketing also reaches all over the region.

It’s no wonder that we have many customers in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Even our mattresses, pillows, and blankets are in great demand for hotel managers.

The second advantage of SweetNight is that the product is always made based on the results of research on quality sleep. We always produce the product based on those studies.

The whole product is also made from eco-friendly materials such as plant-based oils. If you buy our product, it’s the same as helping the earth stay sustainable.

What's On SweetNight

You are interested in using SweetNight products. You should be aware that we offer two types of mattresses: the Twilight Hybrid Mattress and the Dreamy Mattress.

The brand was holding a discount for both types of products earlier. Don’t delay buying the mattress because the discounted price won’t last forever. Apart from selling mattresses, the product also sells blankets, pillows, and other sleeping accessories.

You can’t stand being in an office with too low a temperature because the air conditioner is always on. Why not buy a mobile warming blanket? Because of the discount, you can only get it for $54. The colour of the blanket is only grey.

This colour is suitable for any type of clothing. We guarantee that you will feel warm while using the blanket. The blanket has a stylistic design so that office friends think you are wearing a special vest.

We’ll move on to explaining the eye-tech mask. This single product costs $110. The color of the mask is blue. The eye-tech mask can help you overcome soreness and eye strain because you have to stare at computers and smartphones all day.

You can achieve a better quality of sleep. Apart from these products, there are pillows and other items that can be useful for consumers.

SweetNight Products

SweetNight Twilight Hybrid Mattress Review

We will inform you about the Twilight Hybrid Mattress too. Due to the current discount, you can purchase the mattress for $531 right now.

SweetNight Twilight Hybrid Mattress Review
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sweetnight.com https://sweetnight.com

The mattress will get free shipping. Exciting news for you. Each layer of the mattress is made using a unique technique.

The first layer is made of soft and cool material so that it is comfortable when in contact with the consumer’s skin.

The second layer is made of comfort foam, which supports the comfort of mattress users as well. Then, on the third layer, there is gel memory foam. The gel memory foam allows the mattress to return to its original shape after use.

As the foundation, there are layers of airflow high-density foam and pocketed steel coils. Those layers have their respective roles on the mattress.

SweetNight Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

There is another type of mattress called the Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Mattress. You can buy it for only $381. Using this mattress will make your body feel fresh when you wake up. The material is made of a cooling material that also controls motion isolation.

SweetNight Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review
Image credit: sweetnight.com
sweetnight.com https://sweetnight.com

SweetNight Mattress Toppers Review

You should be aware of SweetNight Mattress Toppers. You can buy the topper for only $181. They provide various sizes of toppers, such as California King, Queen, Full, and so on. The thickness of the toppers is around 4″. The foam is odorless, so consumers can still breathe easily while resting.

SweetNight Mattress Toppers Review
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sweetnight.com https://sweetnight.com

SweetNight Price

Sweet Night has competitive prices for mattresses, bedding, and pillows. While most similarly made models are much more expensive, the brand provides good value products for budget shoppers interested in their product collection.

For your estimation, here is a list of product prices by category:

Customers can also access subscriber-exclusive discounts by signing up for the brand’s email newsletter. Finally, the company is currently offering 25% up to 50% OFF on its official website, which is helpful for you to save your penny.

SweetNight Pros & Cons

The products sold by SweetNight have affordable prices. However, some people think that the price is still quite expensive. Even though they can just wait patiently, it could be that the brand will provide a discount.

The quality of the entire product is good enough that it can be used for more than 10 years. Consumers can get the best sleep experience.

Is SweetNight Worth To Buy?

We are going to say that SweetNight is worth it. You will be able to face the day more effectively if you get enough quality sleep.

You have a good mood and a clear mind, so that will affect your career as well. You are also better protected from the dangers of premature aging because the body has enough time to repair body cells.

We can say that good sleep quality is important. You cannot get a healthy body just by relying on a healthy diet and regular exercise. All of that is also greatly supported by how well you sleep at night.

SweetNight Customer Review

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher,” so this Sweet Night review would not be complete without customer feedback which is very useful for making the right decision. So, here’s some of the customer feedback we got through the brand’s official website.

SweetNight Customer Review
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sweetnight.com https://sweetnight.com

Twilight Hybrid Mattress is rated 4.9/5 stars. One customer gave a perfect score to this item because it keeps the mattress full, and the whole bed doesn’t move when someone gets in or out. This customer wrote:

I love that the whole bed doesn’t move when someone gets in or out. There are no dips or anything…

Next, the Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Mattress received a rating of 4.8/5 stars. Customers who were satisfied with the purchase of this product said:

This Memory Foam is super comfortable! It has excellent edge support, and bring me the best sleep I’ve had in years!

Lastly, Sweet Night’s Mattress Toppers seem to feature great comfort. That said, this happy customer left a review:

Oh my God, this Mattress Toppers is highly comfortable! I like the friendly edge support, and it bring me to the best sleep experience!

We will close this section by summarizing the things that customers liked the most about Sweet Night: comfortable, soft, gentle, gives back outstanding support, and the price is unbeatable. Thus, those honest customer reviews should give you the confidence to shop with this brand!

SweetNight Customer Service

How To Contact SweetNight

You can fill out a form on the following page if you have any questions regarding the product, shipping/return policy, and more. The brand’s snooze expert will get back to you shortly. In addition, you can also contact the brand’s customer service via:

Where To Buy SweetNight

Just visit the brand’s official website at sweetnight.com directly to access the brand’s entire product range, promotions, and sales section.

However, if you also need to add some out-of-region items to your order, you can also find specific products on marketplace sites with the brand’s authorized retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.


We provide frequently asked questions and answers. It may help you to make a smarter purchase decision.

Is Sweetnight a Chinese company?

Yes. the brand is located in Guangzhou, China. Their products are also manufactured in their headquarters.

Are Sweetnight mattresses safe?

We can confidently say that the brand’s product is super safe. Because they use CertiPUR-US certified foam, their product is toxic chemicals free.

Who is the CEO of Sweetnight?

The founder and CEO of this company are Tony Wong. He well-managed the company with high dedication to success.


You get the chance to improve your sleep quality due to the discount. Many of SweetNight‘s products are on sale with a 20% discount. What are you waiting for? You can immediately buy the product online and get free shipping on mattresses. Then, have a nice sleep!

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