About Husband Pillow

The establishment of Husband Pillow was started by Jason Berke. He has profound experience in pillows and comfort item production for over 20 years. During those times, he stays out of the limelight and lets the items market themselves.

About Husband Pillow
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facebook.com/BetterPillowGuy https://facebook.com/BetterPillowGuy

Then, in 2016, he made his way with its company in Michigan, US. Its first item was Boyfriend Pillow, featured on Glee on NBC, Game of Throws on HBO, and MTV. Now, it has a vast product collection.

With its highly innovative, comfortable pillows, this brand quickly overtakes the industry. Its collection is already all over the place, with hundreds of reviews. Meanwhile, its popularity also shows with 1.4K Facebook followers total.

But what exactly makes its pillow so unique? Is it better than your husband or boyfriend’s arm? So, let’s score more about this brand in our Husband Pillow review!

Why Husband Pillow?

Husband Pillow aims to make our lives more comfortable while making the world a better living place. So, this company is not only about selling products. It works with The Ocean Cleanup to catch plastic pollution in the ocean.

In addition, its products are designed for ultimate comfort. So it has great features like cool comfort and climate adaptive regulation with premium material. The high-tech construction makes its products CertiPUR and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

With all those qualities, its pillow will greatly benefit your sleeping experience. Not only that, it has outstanding customer service with free shipping, a 101-day return policy, and a 3-year warranty.

What's On Husband Pillows

Husband Pillow is the best place to find a next-level pillow with ultimate comfort. Featuring an ergonomic design can help to improve your sleeping quality. Furthermore, the contoured shapes reduce nerve impingement and relieve common sleeping problems.

Combining the quality material and top-notch construction offers a benefit to reduce pain and discomfort. Plus, it features an adjustable height and robust arm positioning.

However, the website not only offers the pillow. Find other products like bolsters, throw blankets, laptop desks, seat cushions, yoga balls, and more. Here are several product collections or brands that are currently available.

Product Collections

Husband Pillow Wife Pillow Boyfriend Pillow
Pillowy Hit Notion Deluxe Comfort

So many products are available on its website to elevate your sleeping quality. Next, break down some best-selling products in the following Husband Pillow review section!

Husband Reading Pillow Reviews

XXL Husband Pillow Oversized Bed Backrest Pillow With Arms

The first product on our list is the best Husband Pillow XXL Husband Pillow Oversized Bed Backrest Pillow With Arms. This version comes in bigger sizes, 31″ tall and 16″ wide, which is much bigger than others. It has a sturdy and fully formed bed backrest supporting the upper body.

Husband Reading Pillow Reviews
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husbandpillow.com https://husbandpillow.com

Using the quality shredded memory foam filling and smooth premium microsuede cover delivers ultimate comfort. Also, the adjustable loft allows you to remove the form for tailored comfort based on your preference.

With its unique design, use it as a reading bedrest pillow to transform your bed into a unique bed chair. Additionally, the machine washable and removable covers offer quick and effortless removal for maintaining cleanliness.

The husband pillow reading bed rest pillow with arms also features a back and side pockets. It allows storing several items like remotes, phones, and more. Furthermore. the detachable neck roll provides customizable usage based on your comfort.

Aside from the XXL, it’s also available in Medium and Standard+. Also, there are myriad color options from white to pink with Fab Faux Fur, Aspen, and original version options. So, upgrade your comfort with this XXL Reading Bed Rest Pillow at $79.95!

Boyfriend Pillow With Arms Reviews

Boyfriend Pillow Cuddly Form Body Pillow

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping while on your head on your BF’s shoulder? Well, that’s genuinely a next-level restful sleep. However, your boyfriend is not always available for your cuddly night’s sleep. So this original Boyfriend Pillow with Arm is designed for the best sleeping companion.

Boyfriend Pillow With Arms Reviews
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husbandpillow.com https://husbandpillow.com

It’s a sturdy and well-crafted pillow that will last long. This ultimate cuddle pillow can offer similar to a virtual hug pillow. The thick, soft, and fluffy masculine design is shaped using pure cotton. Plus, the extended arm will hold you comfortably.

Using the cotton fiber feather-free pillow can prevent the trigger for allergies. The ultra-soft covers in the form of striking light azure T-shirts won’t irritate your skin. Overall, you’ll smitten with the quality, comfort, and craftsmanship.

This pillow is available in various colors, from striking red to plaid shirts. So, feel the affectionate embrace of a supremely comfortable buff man’s upper torso pillow for absolute consolation and intimacy at $39.95!

Husband Pillow Cover Reviews

XXL, Med & Stan+ Cover And Accessories For Husband Pillow

Want to turn your backrest pillow brand new while washing other covers? Then, this XXL Husband Pillow Cover is the best option. Available in faux fur and microsuede, you can choose based on your comfort preference. The 16 exclusive colors allow you to match the cover to your scheme.

Husband Pillow Cover Reviews
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husbandpillow.com https://husbandpillow.com

The sleek design will provide supreme support with a new soft, luxurious micro plush cover. Also, it includes the detachable neck roll pillow on the bungee. Featuring the handy built-in side pocket offers additional storage.

Removing the washable cover is extremely easy. Simply unzip and remove it to make it much cleaner. Moreover, this cover is crafted with the same care and details as the pillows. So, the comfort and the silky feel will be the same as the cover from the original pillows.

So, get this best husband pillow cover to change your pillow in a snap at $34.95. FYI, it’s currently on sale for 28% off, so this Husband backrest pillow cover only costs $24.95!

Husband Pillow Cost

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices actually depend on what you buy since it has a wide range of sleeping products. Now, its products on the website range from $9.95 to $399.95. The lowest price is XXL Med & Stan+ Cover And Accessories For Husband Pillow.

Meanwhile, the highest is XXL Husband Pillow Faux Fur Backrest Pillow With Arms Memory Foam. Regardless of how high the cost is, the brand discounts most of the items. So we’ve hunted down all the offers. Check the list below:

  • Enjoy free shipping on US orders
  • Being a special guest to get a 30% discount
  • Join the VIP club to get 15% off and other VIP offers
  • Find products that are currently on sale in the sleeping product collection
  • Subscribe to the email list for a 10% off coupon code and future offers notification.

Husband Pillow Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Being the best-selling pillow on Amazon, this brand has thousands of customer reviews with high ratings. Not only that, it also has a high number of reviews on the official website. Check the best-selling item rating and review data below:

Husband Pillow Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/BetterPillowGuy
facebook.com/BetterPillowGuy https://facebook.com/BetterPillowGuy

With thousands of reviews, this brand still obtains high ratings. Meanwhile, on Facebook, it has a perfect 5/5 rating with 20 testimonials. Now check one of Husband Pillow for neck pain reviews below:

It is the greatest thing I have ever bought for myself. It is comfortable, sturdy, and fully supports my back when I sit at my desk. This pillow is one of the greatest stuff ever invented. If you want it, then buy it! Very good.

To compare the negative and positive reviews, take a look at the complaint below:

… It’s much better quality and lived up to my expectations. So much that I liked it so much that I ordered another one in a smaller size to fit on my couch. The only concern with these pillows is the delivery process. The first one took a week, the second one is over a week old, and I can’t even get a tracking number…

As you can see from the Husband Pillow reviews below, most of the customers state a good opinion. They experience the comfort and sturdiness of the pillow. On the other hand, the complaint is only about the long shipping.

Is Husband Pillow Worth It?

Husband Pillow is more than a pillow. It can support restful sleep and the feeling of being embraced by your loved one. Also, it has a well-developed design to promote comfy and quality sleeping.

Is Husband Pillow Worth It?
Image credit: husbandpillow.com
husbandpillow.com https://husbandpillow.com

The contoured shape can also help with several issues like numbness and pain. Furthermore, it can provide top-notch products made of premium fabric and filling at that price. All in all, its bedding products are worth purchasing to gain a superb sleeping environment.

Husband Pillow Pros And Cons

Instead of reading our long reviews, we’ll make it short for you. Check the pros and cons compiled below to make your decision:


  • A perfect companion for cuddling
  • Improve the sleeping experience
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Quality material with great comfort
  • Adjustable comfort for filling and height
  • Machine washable and removable covers
  • Myriad colors option
  • Various covers options
  • Free shipping
  • 101 return policy
  • Up to 3 years warranty
  • Thousands of positive feedback


  • The pillow can be pretty stiff
  • The shipping can take longer than expected.

Husband Pillow Customer Service

How To Contact

Have an issue, advice, or questions? Use the contact details listed below to reach the customer service team:

Headquarters Address

32655 Industrial Drive Madison Heights
MI 48071, United States

Where To Buy Husband Pillow

Ready to enjoy your night with the most comfortable companion? Then you should get your beloved pillow from its official store at www.husbandpillow.com. Although it’s currently unavailable on Target, you can find it on several shopping platforms like Amazon and Walmart.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Check the FAQs related to the Husband Pillow review that typically people also ask.

Why is it called a Husband Pillow?

Generally, it’s called a husband pillow due to its support and being equipped with wrapped arms. It’s like a husband who supports his wife when laying on his arm.

What is the difference between Husband Pillow and Boyfriend Pillow?

The husband’s pillow is designed to support you when in an upright position. Conversely, the boyfriend pillows cradle you when lying down on its side.


Our Husband Pillow review has covered all must-known information before making a purchase. It turns out this place is the best place to find the original Husband, Wife, and Boyfriend pillow.

Its sleeping product has the greatest quality, with a product that can give the ultimate comfort and a warm embrace. Besides, these products use quality materials like microfiber, faux fur, memory foam, and more. So, enjoy your night in the arms of the coziest companion with Husband Pillow!

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