Downlite Bedding Reviews

In order to fulfill your desires and needs for a comfortable and proper resting atmosphere, it takes tremendous effort to select products with the finest materials. This review begins with the brand philosophy, “Comfort to the Core.”

Downlite Bedding Reviews
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Founded in 1983, Downlite Bedding is an offshoot of the family fur & down processing business based at 8153 Duke Blvd Mason, OH, United States.

The brand focuses on creating beds and other bedding, using the finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship to create an exceptionally restful sleep experience.

From its manufacturer in Mason, Ohio, the brand designs, develops, manufactures, and markets bedding products, including comforters, pillows, mattress pads, quilts, throws, and more.

Thanks to strong family ties, product knowledge, and guiding experience, the brand is proud to add comfort to your home by providing luxurious down bedding.

Despite the brand’s rapid growth and high level of success, the brand always wants to go one step further for customers by constantly searching for the softest fabrics and fillings.

Downlite has become one of the largest family-owned bedding companies in the US. This good news was also met with enthusiasm from customers. As seen on social media, the brand has gained 40k+ followers on Instagram and 19k+ followers on Facebook.

Do you want to know more about this brand? Easy, as this Downlite Bedding review will take you on an in-depth exploration of the brand. So, are you ready for a better sleep experience?

Why Shop at Downlite Bedding?

One of the company’s goals is sustainability. The brand continues to be committed to creating sustainable comfort solutions to improve lives while building solutions that create comfort and improve everyone’s well-being.

Why Shop at Downlite Bedding?
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According to Joe Crawford, CEO, the brand continues to make great strides in its efforts to reduce its footprint and achieve all goals. Hence, the brand is committed to working with partners who share the same sustainable and ethical practices.

One of the steps of the brand’s sustainability commitment is to ensure the brand’s products are traceable, transparent, and responsible by qualifying for third-party certifications.

Therefore, by now, the brand has been recognized as one of the world’s first RDS scope certified down suppliers and remains an active stakeholder currently in the RDS (Responsibility Standard) revision process.

The brand processes down and feathers in the most sustainable way possible. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure the humane treatment of waterfowl, while RDS Certification ensures products come from ethical and humane sources.

Together with PRIMALOFT (a company fully committed to engineering the world’s best fibers and fabrics), the brand explores relentlessly how to innovate for the earth from circular-enabled products made from recycled plastic.

Moreover, the brand also collaborates with ADVANSA, a leading European fiber producer, producing high-quality fibers made with eco-friendly manufacturing, reducing water, land, and energy consumption.

What's On Downlite Bedding Review

After knowing the brand’s brief profile and services, you would want to know more about what the brand has to offer.

What's On Downlite Bedding Review
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Downlite Bedding is known for creating luxuriously soft and fluffy fibers that make down-like alternative fibers for bedding. And, this is what they have in store for you:

Downlite Bedding Products

Besides shopping by category, brands make it easy to find the products you are looking for by shopping by brand. Some brands you can find here are Downlite Hotel & Resort, Dream Naturally, Eddie Bauer, Pendleton, and many more.

Since reviewing all the products would be time-consuming, we will only pick some bestsellers. However, if you are curious about the quality of the brand’s products, you can scroll to the next section.

Downlite 50/50 Down & Feather Medium Hotel Pillow Review

50/50 Down & Feather Medium Hotel Pillow is one of the brand’s best-selling products. This pillow is specialized for side sleepers. Despite being a specialized pillow, it is also widely used in some of the best 5-star hotels.

Downlite 50/50 Down & Feather Medium Hotel Pillow Review
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Additionally, this pillow combines hypoallergenic feather support with soft feather comfort, offering the perfect sleeping experience. This pillow will completely change the way you look at feather and down blend pillows.

Pillow features:

  • Hypoallergenic: 50% Grey Duck Down & 50% Grey Duck Feathers
  • Durable 230 TC Cambric Woven Cotton
  • Softer medium density
  • Great for back & side sleepers
  • Easy care machine wash & dry
  • Filled and finished in the USA from imported materials

Size & Weight:

  • Standard – 20 x 26, 23 ounces
  • Queen – 20 x 30, 26 ounces
  • King – 20 x 36, 31 ounces

Interested in getting this pillow? Coming in 3 sizes; standard, queen, and king, you can get this pillow starting from $75.00.

All Season EnviroLoft Down Hotel Duvet Insert Reviews

The EnviroLoft Down Alternative Hotel Duvet Insert has been used in several hotels and countless luxury resorts. This alternative insert is favored because it provides down-like comfort.

All Season EnviroLoft Down Hotel Duvet Insert Reviews
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This soft duvet comes in great year-round options, suitable for most sleepers. These are some of its features:

  • Made with 100% 230 thread count crisp cotton cambric weave fabric
  • Easy care
  • An easy-care alternative polyester filler
  • Quilted sewn-thru box construction with frame
  • Double-needle stitched edges with matching piping
  • And many more.

This Down Alternative Hotel Duvet Insert is available in various sizes that you can choose from, according to the size of your bed. Also, you can get this at $85.00.

Downlite Bedding Price

How Much Downlite Bedding Cost?

Despite providing an array of branded and high-quality bedding and pillows, Downlite is happy to tell you that the brand is generous to its loyal customers by giving plenty of promotions.

Before that, you might wonder how much you can spend on the brand’s products. We went through the entire product category to determine the brand’s lowest and highest prices.

If you think that the price is quite high, you don’t have to worry because the brand has created a special Sale page so that you can easily explore the products on sale or wholesale price.

Remember to sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get 20% OFF on your order. And, of course, you also have the chance to get coupon codes, discount vouchers, and other exciting offers directly to your inbox!

Downlite Bedding Pros & Cons

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the product you are about to buy makes you a wise buyer in considering whether the product is good or bad for your health. So, look at this list of pros and cons, as it will give you an insight into the development you are about to buy.

Downlite Bedding Pros

  • Down comes from trusted suppliers
  • The brand is Responsive Down Standard (RDS) certified
  • Down is hypoallergenic and clean
  • Products are allergy-friendly
  • Featuring the finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship
  • There is free shipping for US orders
  • There are many discounts and attractive offers

Downlite Bedding Cons

  • Does not provide international shipping

Is Downlite Bedding Worth To Buy?

In short, Downlite Bedding is highly worth your money. With the quality provided, the company is right to set prices for its products.

Is Downlite Bedding Worth To Buy?
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Moreover, its products are made using the best materials and high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring you achieve the most comfortable sleeping position.

With free shipping and returns, this bedding company offers much value for a low price. All in all, Downlite Bedding deserves a place as your sleep investment.

Downlite Bedding Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

If you’ve ordered products online before, you know that looking at other customers’ reviews is helpful. To help you know the quality of this brand’s bedding, this section is dedicated to Downlite Bedding reviews from actual customers.

Downlite Bedding Customer Reviews
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In the first best-selling product, the 50/50 Down & Feather Hotel Pillow received a customer review rating of 4.9/5 stars on the brand’s official website. A customer praised this product because it was good for side sleepers. He said:

When I decide to sleep on my side, I can do so and feel rested the next day with no aches or pain!!!

Furthermore, the EnviroLoft Down Alternative Hotel Duvet Insert received a customer review rating of 5/5 stars. One of the customers who gave it perfect stars said:

It is 100% the same quality as the one I experienced at a 5-star boutique hotel. I will be ordering more!!!

We then visited the Reddit site to find out other customer reviews. There, customers also gave good feedback on the brand’s products. With an average of near-perfect feedback, we can conclude that customers are happy shopping with the brand and love their purchases.

Downlite Bedding Customer Service

How To Contact Downlite Bedding

This section is created to let you know that the brand allows you to contact them. They would love to hear from you, and here’s how to connect with them:

In addition to these two ways, you can also use the contact form to submit a form provided on the official website. The customer care team will respond to your needs as soon as possible with operating hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.

Downlite Bedding Shipping Policy

The brand only ships to the lower 48 states of the contiguous United States. All orders are shipped via delivering goods via FedEx or UPS Ground.

The company takes 2-3 business days to process your order. However, depending on which part of the country you are in, it takes another 2-12 days to arrive. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer expedited shipping.

Since the brand operates in several factories nationwide, your order may arrive in different boxes at different times. The brand’s system cannot deliver a unique tracking code per package.

Related to this, if you want to do a tracking code of your package, go to UPS or FedEx and track the package. However, if you ordered pillows and mattress toppers, they will be shipped from a different facility.

Downlite Bedding Return & Refund Policy

Don’t worry, the brand is wholly devoted to your enjoyment. If you have any issues with your order, including the need to return the products you got, you can contact them at, and the company will do its best to resolve your issue.

You can only return your order within 30 days of delivery for a refund. In addition, you will be charged a $5 service fee that applies to each returned item.

Once you file your return, the brand will contact you within 2 to 3 business days with your return label and packing instructions. To know the steps you have to take to file a return, you can visit this page with a more coherent and detailed explanation.

Where To Buy Downlite Bedding

After reading the Downlite Bedding product review, of course, you are interested in getting it. Willingly, you can visit the brand’s official website and check out your favorite products. You can also search for products by category or brand.

Don’t worry if you are in a saving mode, as the brand gives you 20% OFF on your first order by subscribing to their newsletter. Aside from that, you can also shop for discounted products on the Sale page.


Let's explore the brand profoundly!

These are some of the questions that customers often ask. Let’s check!

Where is Downlite Bedding located?

Downlite is located at 8153 Duke Blvd Mason, Ohio, United States.

Is Downlite Bedding real down?

Based on what we found on the brand’s official website, Downlite uses 70% Down. Why 70%? It is because the brand complies with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules. Moreover, the other 25% consists of additional down clusters, down fibers, and small feathers.

Is Downlite Bedding feather free?

Basically, no. The brand still uses feathers in their products, but they use small feathers (<6cm). In addition, you don’t need to worry because the feather material is coated with Down so that it won’t cause allergic reactions.

Where are Downlite Bedding pillows made?

The brand operates several factories across the country. So it could be made in some of those factories.

Does Downlite Bedding ship to Canada and UK?

Yes, of course. If you live in Canada or the UK, try ordering branded items on or consider using a freight forwarder.


What do you look for in a blanket? Comfort? Durability? At Downlite Bedding, you can get both. The brand has been known to produce various bedding, pillow, and comforter with 70% Down material that is super soft and non-allergenic.

Besides the brand’s products making you sleep better because of the material, it is also good for your health, especially those of you who are side sleepers. Almost all Downlite products have been used in several luxury hotels, and here you can also experience it in your home!

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