Big Mattress Co. Reviews

Big Mattress Co. is a company that specializes in oversized mattresses, duvet covers, and bed frames. They’ve been in business for over a decade, and they’ve gained a reputation for providing high-quality products that are designed to last.

Big Mattress Co. Reviews
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One of the things that set them apart from other bedding companies is their focus on oversized mattresses. If you’re someone who likes to sprawl out in your sleep, you’ll appreciate their extra-large mattresses.

Why Big Mattress Co.?

So why should you choose Big Mattress Co. over other bedding companies? There are a few reasons.

First, their products are designed to last. Their mattresses are made from high-quality materials that are meant to withstand years of use, and their duvet covers and bed frames are built to be durable as well.

Second, they offer a wide variety of products, so you can find everything you need to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Finally, their oversized mattresses are perfect for anyone who needs a little extra space in the bed.

What's on Big Mattress Co.?

Big Mattress Co. has a range of sleep products to choose from. Some of their products are:


They offer two types of mattresses. Big Mattress Classic is their most affordable option, perfect for those who want a good quality mattress without breaking the bank. Big Mattress Premier, on the other hand, is their top-of-the-line mattress that offers superior comfort and support.

Duvet covers

If you’re looking for duvet covers, Big Mattress Co. offers oversized options that are designed to fit their mattresses perfectly. You can choose from a range of colors and designs to match your room’s decor.

Bed frames

If you need a new bed frame, Big Mattress Co. has got you covered. They offer a Premier Bed Frame that’s designed to work with their mattresses. This bed frame is not only stylish but also sturdy and durable.

Big Mattress Co. Oversized Duvet Cover Review

Looking for a luxuriously soft duvet cover that fits your oversized mattress? Look no further than this Big Mattress Co. Oversized Duvet Cover!

Big Mattress Co. Oversized Duvet Cover Review
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Made from premium OEKO-TEX-certified bamboo lyocell, this cover is both lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for year-round comfort.

Its moisture-wicking properties will keep you dry and cozy, while the hypoallergenic material is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The duvet cover comes with four pillowcases and features conch shell buttons for secure closure.

Additionally, ties and loops are included to keep your duvet insert in place, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about your bedding shifting around during the night.

They offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs. It includes:

  • The Wyoming King
  • Texas King
  • Vermont King
  • Family Bed
  • Alaskan King
  • Family Bed XL

In addition, when it comes time to clean your duvet cover, you can simply toss it in the washing machine on a cool cycle and tumble dry it on low heat.

Big Mattress Co. Big Mattress Classic Review

The leading product of this brand is the Big Mattress Classic, an extra-large mattress measuring 12 inches in height.

Big Mattress Co. Big Mattress Classic Review
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It comes in different sizes, including Wyoming King, Texas King, Vermont King, Family Bed, Alaskan King, and Family Bed XL. It is available in either Classic Foam or Classic Hybrid materials.

The mattress boasts a cozy cotton covering that offers warmth during cold weather and a refreshing feel during hot weather.

Moreover, Big Mattress Classic is built to last and includes replaceable components that reduce waste by preventing it from ending up in landfills.

The mattress uses premium contouring foam that minimizes motion transfer and provides excellent support, hugging comfort, and pressure relief.

Additionally, the foam and fabrics used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and comply with Oeko-Tex standards, which means they do not contain any hazardous substances or other harmful chemicals.

Big Mattress Co. Big Mattress Premier Review

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with the Big Mattress Premier. This handmade mattress is an impressive 13″ tall.

Big Mattress Co. Big Mattress Premier Review
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It comes in various sizes to suit any bedroom, including the Wyoming King, Texas King, Vermont King, Family Bed, Alaskan King, and Family Bed XL.

Crafted from premium materials like Premier Foam or Premier Hybrid, the Big Mattress Premier offers a plush, indulgent sleeping experience.

The soft cotton cover ensures that you stay cozy on chilly nights and cool on hot summer evenings.

Furthermore, its pressure-free technology, featuring 80 air pods per mattress, ensures a swift and efficient response to your movements, providing relief and comfort to pressure points throughout the night.

The foam and textiles used in the Big Mattress Premier are certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex, ensuring that they are free of harmful chemicals and non-irritating fabrics.

Get the ultimate sleeping experience with the Big Mattress Premier, where luxury and comfort meet.

Big Mattress Co. Pricing

Some people prefer quality over affordability. Yet this brand’s product combines all of these aspects. You can still get a quality mattress, bedding, and bed frame, but they’re not that expensive to afford.

What’s your budget? Need to find low-end, mid-range, or high-end mattresses? The brand has it all. The price varies between:

  • $2000 – $3000 for mattresses
  • $1500 – $1700 for bed frames
  • $300 – $600 for bedding

If the price may still be costly for you. There’s no need to worry. You can still get discounts that the brand offers their customers on their first purchase. So try to check their website and find out if they hold an event that offers promos and deals.

Big Mattress Co. Pros and Cons

Of course, there is upside and downside to every brand. Therefore, I’ll include this section that you can consider.


  • High-quality materials that are designed to last
  • Variety of items to buy
  • Oversized mattresses are perfect for anyone who needs a little extra space in the bed
  • Great balance of support and cushioning in their mattresses
  • Premier Bed Frame is sturdy and supportive


  • Some of their products are more expensive than other bedding companies
  • Oversized mattresses may not be suitable for smaller bedrooms

Is Big Mattress Co. Worth It?

The answer is: absolutely! Big Mattress Co. is worth every money you spend. Their merchandise is crafted to endure for an extended period, thereby negating the need for a replacement in the near future.

Is Big Mattress Co. Worth It?
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Furthermore, they offer a diverse range of products, so you can discover all that you require to establish an ideal sleeping environment.

Additionally, if you’re someone who requires extra space in bed, their large-sized mattresses are an excellent solution for you.

Big Mattress Co. Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

It’s understandable that people may need some proof, including customer testimonials, before they decide to buy products. I can say that it is indeed important for you. So that’s why I’ll provide you with the brand’s customer reviews. They tell the truth, and of course, it will convince you to trust the brand. Let’s hear from them.

Big Mattress Co. Customer Reviews
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One verified customer raves about the Big Mattress Classic because it suits amazingly for him.

After we did our research, we’re glad the reviews were all true! Since now, we have more than 4 dogs that like to sleep with me. The regular king wouldn’t cut it. We’ve had the best sleep together as my family. We were thrilled at how quickly we got it too. It came only within a month sooner than we expected!

Another happy customer comments on the Big Mattress Premier that he just bought.

After the bed arrived to my home and the frame showed up, I just couldn’t believe the box size. Overall, for me, it was super easy to set up. But I found it a bit hard to open the box and taking everything out of it. Aside from that, the bed is extremely comfortable, and we already have so much space and room now.

I found another positive feedback from a customer that’s happy with the Oversized Duvet Cover because he just found what’s he looking for.

The duvet cover is super soft, easy to wash, and looks gorgeous. I’m extremely comfortable with this cover. Highly recommended and it’s exactly what I wanted!

There are still lots of happy customers that give their comments about the brand’s products. But I can’t list all of that. So, it’s better for you to check the products that fit you and then look at what customers have to say about them!

Big Mattress Co. Customer Service

Do you have any questions that need answers for that? Luckily, you can easily get in touch with the brand’s customer support team in the following ways:

  • Chat with them via their official website: bubble live chat in the bottom right corner
  • Phone call: 1-833-524-4628
  • Email:

According to the brand, you can contact them at 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET Monday – Friday. Please note that it may take 1 -2 business days to respond if there’s a high volume during periods.

Where To Buy Big Mattress Co.

So, you decide to buy products from this brand? If yes, you can start to head over to their official website. Find the best one, and don’t forget to use coupon codes that the brand may offer to you.


Their mattresses, duvet covers, and bed frames are all manufactured using first-rate materials, which are built to last for an extended period. Additionally, their large-sized mattresses are ideal for anyone who requires extra sleeping space.

So, if you’re seeking a splendid night’s sleep, I strongly recommend trying Big Mattress Co. and their products. Trust me. You won’t be dissatisfied.

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