Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

Sleeping Duck was hatched in 2014 by two founders, Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan. Based in Prahran, Victoria, this brand offers a bedding solution for those who demand quality slumber.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review
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Both were Melbourne-based engineers frustrated with the expensive and tedious purchasing bed process. So, they break through to make their own bed that fits anyone.

When uncountable companies offer cookie-cutter bedding with multiple firmness and models, they want to bring it back to the basics. So, its mattress will be a one-sleeping solution that’s seriously comfortable for everyone.

Their effort is not in vain. It became featured in Canstar, CSIA, Product Review, and even Shark Tank. Additionally, its award winner mattress also leads it to have over 54K followers on Facebook and 14.3K on Instagram.

Regardless, can it guarantee your satisfaction? Thus, we have compiled all information that you need to know as a savvy shopper in our Sleeping Duck review. Let’s lie down on your bed and scour deeper!

Why Sleeping Duck?

Sleeping Duck’s sleeping solution products are made with your comfort in mind. Every product is meticulously designed and manufactured to help you get a sound sleep. Moreover, the main selling point of the mattress is the customizable system and free firmness adjustments.

Additionally, every material is chosen with the best benefit for us and the earth. Consequently, its mattresses are made with global green tag certified foam. Not to mention the durable construction for years of usage.

Aside from top-notch products, this brand also offers excellent customer service that has been proven by winning the ORIAS 2020. So, you’ll be delighted with the fast and free shipping, 100-night guarantee, and 10-year warranty.

What's On Sleeping Duck

Founded by two engineers, the Sleeping Duck sleeping product features cutting-edge engineering. It uses a sophisticated design with an indestructible and multi-zoned system for a next-level sleeping experience.

Apart from its award-winning mattress, this brand also offers other products to accompany your sleep. For instance, the pillow, sheets, bed base, and many more. Below is the current products assortment featured on its website:

  • Bundles: Essential, Dream, Ultimate, Twin Pack
  • Mattress: SD Mach II, Breathetech Cover
  • Bed Base: SD Indestruct, Bed Base
  • Bedding: Sheets, Duvet, Dogbed

Its collection is very clear as one all solutions. The company believes its products will suit anyone, even with a different slumber style preference. But how about the quality? Let’s see in the following section of our Sleeping Duck review!

Sleeping Duck MACH 2 Mattress Reviews

SD MACH II Mattress

Here it is, the leading best-selling item Sleeping Duck SD MACH II Mattress! This product is the heart of its collection, featuring a high-end design and technology for an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Sleeping Duck MACH 2 Mattress Reviews
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This mattress features a BreatheTech cover that’s made from vortex-spun bamboo yarn. The removable and washable cover has maximum breathability with soft and silky to the touch.

Meanwhile, the anti-gravity high-density AirGrown polyurethane foam offers a weightless feeling. On top of that, this foam provides a componentAdapt customization system allowing for adjusting the medium, half-half, and firm firmness.

Additionally, leveraging the motherboard multi-zoned system can support specific parts of the body. The twice-tempered steel springs will act independently to reinforce the perimeter support.

SD MACH 2 Mattress Highlights

  • Level A Global Green Tag Certified Foam
  • Adjustable firmness for ultimate comfort
  • Breathable and soft material
  • No stiff back in the morning 
  • Rock solid ultimate body support

This mattress is available in Single, King, Single, Double, Queen, King, and Super King. Thus, get this to enjoy the ultimate comfort mattress at $999-$2,699. No stiff back in the morning!

8.0 8/10
10.0 10/10
8.0 8/10

Sleeping Duck Bed Base Reviews

SD Indestruct Bed Base

Struggling with a broken bed frame and base? Then this Sleeping Duck Indestruct Bed Base is the best option for a long time. Featuring an indestructible steel core support system, it offers extreme durability and support.

Sleeping Duck Bed Base Reviews
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Its rock-solid strength is powered by the S235 structural grade, solid steel chassis with the built-in C-Spine support beam. Also, high-strength 18mm birch plywood UDASP can optimize mattress ventilation. So, it’ll give distribution support across the mattress pocket spring system. 

The L spine tri mount bed head braces feature the tri lock mounts for absolute firm bedhead attachment. On top of that, M39 Bolt UltraSecure Legs are well fastened to ensure it never squeaks.

FYI, you should know that this bed is available in various styles of bed frames, including the Baker, Boyd, Haussman, Palais, and Seaspray. So you’ll find one that fits your taste, whether for the simple to the most elegant one.

Indestruct Bed Base Highlights

  • Durable and stylish design
  • Super strong steel material
  • Multiple style collection with headboard
  • Available in single to super king-size options
  • Charcoal, Oak, Ash, Walnut, and Light Grey options

For the cost, prepare around $1,299-$3,349, depending on your chosen customization. It includes the size, style, and material. Hence, try this super robust Sleeping Duck bed frame for an indestructible spine!

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10

Sleeping Duck Prices

This brand’s bedding quality is unmatched with high-tech design and super solid construction. But indeed, its pricing will also be high if we consider the product quality it carries.

Its cheapest bedding collection is the pillow and sheets, which cost $120. The most expensive product is Dream Bundle with a super king mattress at $3,985. Besides, the mattress and bed frame prices can vary depending on the size and other customization.

When you see the prices we mention, we can’t deny that its bedding doesn’t cost cheap. However, you’ll get more than what you should pay. Hence, to help you get the best deals, we’ll provide you with several sales below.

Sleeping Duck Discount

  • Save up to $200 on the Bundles collection
  • Free shipping on most the orders
  • Join the email list to obtain a unique promo code

Sleeping Duck Vs Koala Mattress

While looking for the best sleeping solution, you may also know brands like Emma Sleep and Koala. Thus, to help you make an informed decision, we’ll compare the Koala with Sleeping Duck.

Sleeping Duck Koala
$999-$1999 $750-$2950
GECA and CertiPUR-US Certified GECA and CertiPUR-US Certified
BreatheTech Cover Soothing TENCEL Cover
10-year warranty 10-year warranty
100-day money-back guarantee 120-day money-back guarantee
Better back support Have back support

Sleeping Duck Reviews

What Do Customers Think

As one of the leading brands offering mattress and bedding products, this brand successfully gathers thousands of testimonials. Not only the customer reviews but many experts review its collection, including pillows, duvets, sheets, and others.

Sleeping Duck Reviews
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So, with myriad customer reviews, seeking its flaws and strength would be easier. To kick things off, check the rating and reviews data below in several review platforms:

  • 4.82/5 average rating from 6,042 reviews on the official website
  • 4.8/5 rating from ‎5,340 reviews on
  • 4.6/5 rating based on 726 reviews on Google Review
  • 4.8/5 rating from 653 reviews on Trustpilot

Impressively, this brand receives a highly positive rating from customers. Next, let’s see the opinion of satisfied customers:

The mattress is true to what it says on the Sleeping Duck website and what I read in online reviews. The suggestions regarding the level of fluffiness were very helpful and accurate. No longer waking up with a sore neck in the morning or a sore hip at night… Outstanding customer service.

Aside from the positive reviews, we also especially choose one complaint review. Here it’s:

I was suffering from lower back and shoulder pain, and at first, the new mattress seemed to really help this… I felt it was a little warmer to use than my old mattress, but I didn’t mind this as I definitely benefited from it as my back and shoulders felt better…

Most customers state the reasonable pricing, top-notch quality, and excellent customer service. Besides, it does what the company claim since customers state how it effectively helps their back pain.

However, we have discovered several complaints that are similar to other customers. Most of the complaint state that the mattress can be slightly warm. So you may need to add an extra cooling mattress topper or duvet.

Is Sleeping Duck Mattress Worth It?

If you have tried many memory foam beds but found no relief for your back pain, then Sleeping Duck is worth considering. Its mattress is made of anti-gravity conduction with customisable firmness. Featuring quality foam and durable springs, it is truly the best investment.

Is Sleeping Duck Mattress Worth It?
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Other products are also made of premium material with ultimate comfort and robust durability. Furthermore, the 10-year warranty and excellent customer service will maximise your satisfaction!

Sleeping Duck Pros And Cons

From the previous section of our Sleeping Duck review, we’ve provided you with our opinion about its worthiness. Now it’s time for you to make up your mind. So, please consider the summary of pros and cons below:


  • Indestructible construction
  • Effective back and body support
  • CertiPUR-US and GECA certified
  • Made of quality and durable material
  • Manufacturer direct next-day delivery
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 100-night guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
  • Thousands of positive feedback


  • Need better cooling effect.

Sleeping Duck Customer Service

How To Contact

No matter whether you have a big or small issue, don’t hesitate to contact its customer service team via:

The customer service team will gladly to response you within the business hours of Mon-Sun 9 am-6 pm.

Head Office and Showroom Address

8 Carlton St
Prahran Victoria 3181

Where To Buy

Ready to customise your bed? Then the best place to have your dream bedding solution to be sent to your home is from its official website at Besides, find its mattress stockists in several offline stores and its showroom in Melbourne!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs from customers when looking for Sleeping Duck that you may be curious about.

Is Sleeping Duck made in Australia?

Yes, it is. This brand’s slumber collections are made in Australia.

Is Emma or Sleeping Duck better?

If you are looking for a comfortable mattress, then the Sleeping Duck is the best option. Its mattress is soft and cozy with an extra breathable bamboo cover. At the same time, Emma’s mattress offers a supportive surface to relieve pain and pressure.

How much is Sleeping Duck worth?

According to EBIT Line, this company made approximately $10 million in the 2020 financial year. Then, EBIT stated a valuation of about $500 million mark in 2021 and a 100 Million USD net worth in 2022.

Who owns Sleeping Duck mattress Company?

This mattress company is owned by Melbournian engineers, Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan.

Where are Sleeping Duck mattresses made?

Sleeping Duck manufactures the foam in Sydney, Australia. Meanwhile, the springs and upholstery layers are from China.


With many options of mattresses out there, it is indeed not easy to find the best one for you. However, our Sleeping Duck review concludes that this brand offers a noteworthy mattress and sleeping solutions.

Its mattress also has versatile anti-gravity layers with back support. So, if you demand a next-level sleeping experience with back and body support, why don’t you give Sleeping Duck a try? Enjoy unmatched sleeping comfort!

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