Sunday Citizen Bedding Reviews

Kickstarted in 2018, Sunday Citizen was founded by Mike Abadi and Michelle Familier in Miami, Florida. The history started when Mike simply wanted to create the ultimate comfortable blanket for his luxury hotels.

Sunday Citizen Bedding Reviews
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Surprisingly, their blanket receives great attention from the guest. Most of them wanted to take him home or just disappear. Then they realize that their product needs to be shared with the world.

This fourth-generation textile family keeps growing with comprehensive bedding collections. All products are purposed to achieve its mission to make joy from comfort things.

In addition, this brand has been featured in Vogue, Vice, Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, Town&Country, and Martha Stewart. Also, it’s pretty hype on social media, with 79.9K followers on Instagram and 14K on Facebook.

Wait, why is this brand so hyped? Thus, we’ll dig deeper into this brand further in our Sunday Citizen review. Keep scouring to know, from the product reviews to the current offers!

Why Sunday Citizen?

Sunday Citizen is a great company that offers affordable luxury bedding collections. The company makes products with the highest manufacturing process using quality materials.

It strives to keep the production and products responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Besides, the reasonable pricing also makes it the best deal by reducing the operational cost. What’s more, every 1% of purchases will be donated to a non-profit community.

Guaranteeing a risk-free shop, the brand offers 90 days return policy. Plus, it has free shipping on most purchases for the lowest price. So, it’s a top choice for sustainability, quality, service, and pricing.

What's On Sunday Citizen Bedding?

At first, Sunday Citizen only offered blankets and bedding collections indeed. But, it widens the product collection from candles to loungewear. Basically, its product is about how you can get luxury comfort at your home with quality yet affordable.

It manufactures highly comfortable products using sustainable materials and processes. So, mostly the products are radically soft, durable, and easy to clean. Each product is crafted from its signature fabric blends and rigorously tested.

Product Collections

  • Bedding: Sheets, pillows, blankets, shams, comforters, duvet covers, etc
  • Home+Decor: Throws, decor, candles, scents, decorative pillows, etc
  • Bath: Towels, Candles, etc
  • Robes+Loungewear: Bottoms, robes, pajamas, accessories, dresses, tops, etc
  • Wellness: Weighted blankets, crystal bolster, crystal sleep mask, crystal meditation pillows, etc

With its collection, you can get the next level of comfort in your bed and home. Next, let’s learn more about the product in the next section of our Sunday Citizen review!

Sunday Citizen Weighted Blanket Reviews

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

Hardly sleeping because of your racing mind? Then it’s time to try this Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket for better sleeping. It’s designed with an outstanding construction to provide steady and gentle pressure to your body.

Sunday Citizen Weighted Blanket Reviews
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This weighted blanket will help to get a comfortable and relaxed feeling for better sleeping. This soothing density effect comes from using glass pearls and crystal pieces for natural healing energy.

For instance, it includes crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst-filled. The 100% Microfiber is a soft, fluffy, snug fabric you’ll love cuddling with. Plus, the machine washable cover ensure the highest hygiene.

These weighted blankets are available in 10 lb-35 lb. Select the up to 10% of your body weight. We also love the available pastel colors, from off-white to purple haze. Calm your racing mind and enjoy better sleeping at $269 to $450!

Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter Reviews

Snug Comforter

The Snug Comforter is an all-in-one bed cover with an aesthetic and comfortable design. So not only looks good, but it’s ethereally highly comfy and soft.

Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter Reviews
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It features cloudlike snug fabric for the top and bamboo underneath for natural cooling and hypoallergenic material. Meanwhile, the filling uses 50+ recycled plastic bottles, ensuring sustainability.

Personally, we love the double-sided design, so we can use choose the side based on your interest. Whether fluffy and cozy or cool and smooth. All night cuddling will be like in cloud that rejoices your skin.

The snug comforter is available in classics and seasonal with twin, full queen, and cal king options. Hence, make your sleep more luxurious with a snug and soft feeling at $290-$355!

Sunday Citizen Throw Blanket Reviews

Casablanca Throw

One thing worth mentioning is how this brand offers a selection of throws with multiple stunning designs. The Sunday Citizen Casablanca Throw is a patterned throw blanket with an effortlessly beautiful design.

Sunday Citizen Throw Blanket Reviews
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Made of 100% Microfiber with OEKO-TEX certified, it provides unparalleled comfort. Moreover, the G Casablanca Throw is comfortable, plush, and oversized that, perfect for your cuddling friend.

Beautiful and grace design combined with relaxing fabrics absolutely becomes your new favorite throw forever. The reversible pattern is also a great styling touch for elevating your decor.

The throw uses off-white as the main color, with multiple colors, from denim to coal. So get your new lavish and comfortable cuddling friend at $170!

Sunday Citizen Pillows Reviews

Snug Lumbar Pillow

This brand has an expansive collection of pillows, from throw to floor pillows. One of the best-selling items is the Snug Lumbar Pillow, that offers the high versatility.

Sunday Citizen Pillows Reviews
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It’s 36″ x 14″ in size, ensuring the perfect usage for slumber needs. The extended design can be used for your needs, whether head, lower back, or even between legs. Besides, the back support design can help to maintain the proper posture when sitting.

Like other products, the Sunday Citizen Lumbar Pillow is also made of 100% Microfiber. So it’s very buttery soft when rubbing your skin. While the memory foam filling offer incredible fluffiness that can spring right back.

It’s available in two collections of classics and seasonal with various astonishing color options. So, upgrade your full-body snuggling for an ideal sleep aid and tension releaser at $76!

Sunday Citizen Robe Reviews

Snug Waffle Robe

Looking for a comfy and lavish bathrobe? The Sunday Citizen Snug Waffle Robe is a bathrobe made of the same cozy fabrics as its blanket. It’s very cuddly when wrapped around your body.

Sunday Citizen Robe Reviews
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The waffle robe offers a 5-star energy thanks to the unique waffle texture. It elevates the humble robe into a luxury hotel-class fancy dupe—perfect loungewear while roaming the home and practicing self-care.

The snug fabric is 100% Microfiber that’s hypoallergenic, ensuring ease on the skin. This blend is highly fluffy and breathable, and can stay soft and silky for years. Additionally, featuring the pockets, it enhance the convenience of placing your hand or phone.

Choose your favorite color, from clear white to fancy moss, in S/M and L/XL size options. This brand also has other bath set collections, from towels to scents that maximize your bathing relaxation. Hence, wrap your body with the comfy luxury of a 5-star energy bathrobe at $140!

Sunday Citizen Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

This brand is well known for finding affordable luxury bedding and loungewear products. On its official website, the pricing ranges from $22.50 – $450. here are the ranging price based on the product collection.

Bedding $45 – $450
Home + Decor $28 – $269
Bath $28 – $250
Robes + Loungewear $22.50 – $155
Wellness $40 – $269

The pricing is varied depending on the products. Available for single-item purchases or even bundles. Additionally, this brand also often share various offers or discount.

Sunday Citizen Sale

  • Free shipping for all delivery within the US
  • Give $20 and get $40 by referring a friend
  • Find all products currently on discount on the Sale page
  • Join the loyalty program to earn and redeem points for discounts on free gifts
  • 20% off special discount code for military, first responders, medical, teacher, and students
  • Subscribe to the email list to get 15% off the promo code and be notified of new arrivals and future offers

Sunday Citizen Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Good thing this brand has thousands of genuine customer reviews. They share their opinion about the purchase, both negative and positive side. But before breaking down the customer experience, check the rating data.

Sunday Citizen Reviews
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Based on all reviews on the official website, it rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 5,017 reviews in total. Meanwhile, it obtained a 4.8/5 average rating based on 756 reviews in Google Reviews. Here’s the rating data from several items:

  • Snug Bamboo Duvet Cover rated 4.8/5 stars based on 107 reviews
  • Natural Premium Bamboo Top Sheet rated 4.9/5 based on 61 reviews
  • Snug Waffle Comforter rated 4.7/5 stars based on 57 customer reviews in total

Now it’s time to know the customer experience. Here’s one of the Sunday Citizen reviews from a customer:

My husband and I have struggled to find sheets that “fit.” No need to look any further! These are amazing. They’re so fluffy and just the right weight that they feel very comfortable. After the very first night, my husband said to buy another set!

This brand also obtains a small number of customer complaints. Below is one of the Duvet cover reviews:

Incredibly soft and very nice material… It makes you very warm during the cold. As the photo shows lovely charcoal gray, the color fits very well. But it is too big for my duvet. I don’t know why it’s so big and loose; it makes it look sloppy.

Nearly all the customer state how comfortable and high-quality they are. Most of the complaint is only about the fit or size. Overall there are no dealbreaker reviews. Instead, most are positive.

Is Sunday Citizen Worth It?

Finding the highest quality bedding products at affordable prices is not easy. But Sunday Citizen is worth trying to find luxury hotel-like products. It has a collection of bedding, loungewear, to bath wear at the best price.

What’s more, the products emphasize sustainability and comfortability. So it’s eco-friendly, and you can enjoy the luxury comfort with your cuddling friends. The products are genuine solutions for better sleep and relaxation.

Sunday Citizen Pros And Cons

To easily point out the strength and flaws of the brand, consider the pros and cons based on our investigation. Check it out! 


  • Sustainable material and processing
  • Super comfortable for cuddling
  • Fluffy and soft material
  • Hypoallergenic fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Various offerings
  • Free shipping
  • 90-days return policy
  • Thousands of glowing reviews


  • Customer complaint about the fit or size.

Sunday Citizen Customer Service

How To Contact

In case you have any questions after reading our review, contact its customer service. They’ll be glad to address customers’ concerns via:

Headquarters Address

1850 Ne 198th Ter
Miami, United States

Where To Buy

To upgrade your bedding collection for a better sleeping experience, you can exclusively purchase it collection in Also, get physical by visiting the retail store in several locations like New York, Newton, Chicago, San Francisco, and others.


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, we’ve gathered the FAQs related to the Sunday Citizen review. Check the list below:

Who owns Sunday Citizen?

This bedding brand is owned by Mike Abadi, that also became the co-founder.

Where is Sunday Citizen located?

The Sunday Citizen company is based in Miami, Florida.

Is Sunday Citizen sustainable?

Yes, it’s. The company offers sustainable bedding made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo fabrics.

Who is the CEO of Sunday Citizen?

Currently, the company is run under Mike Abadi as the CEO.

What is the revenue of the Sunday Citizen?

According to Zoominfo, the company revenue is <$5 Million.

How long does it take for Sunday Citizen to ship?

Every product has a different arrival time depending on your location and unpredictable condition. However, if it uses standard shipping within the US, it usually arrives within 5 – 7 business days.


If you want a luxurious home experience, our Sunday Citizen highly recommends this brand. It has a sustainable bedding to wellness collection with the ultimate comfy experience.

You’ll love to cuddle with its collection in your home that feels like a 5-star hotels items. Thus, scour Sunday Citizen to find the next level of comfort experience with ultra-soft-to-skin material!

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