Calming Blankets Reviews

Calming Blankets is a company founded in 2017 with headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. Furthermore, this brand is under Davie Group Trading (Australia) Pty Ltd, established by Davie Fogarty.

Calming Blankets Reviews
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Its brand name represents what they offer, a weighted blanket that helps you be more relaxed when sleeping. With its quality blankets, this brand strives to help you get restful sleep and stress-free.

Impressively, this brand has become one of the top-reviewed weighted blankets on and Facebook. It has also been featured in Elle Magazine, BuzzFeed, Domain, and Today.

Its popularity as the most dominating brand is also proven by over 71K followers on Facebook and 59.7K on Instagram. But is these facts guarantee worthiness? Let’s find out more in our Calming Blankets review!

Why Calming Blankets Australia?

Struggle to fall asleep? Need something to curl and comfort you with a warm blanket? That’s the main reason why you can choose Calming Blankets. The weighted blanket has a heavy weight that can create a feeling of calm.

Additionally, these blankets can help relieve symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other sensory disorders. Besides, their products are made of premium and soft fabrics to ensure comfort.

In fact, recent studies have shown that a weighted quilt shows that 33% of people report a nervous system overactivity decrement. Furthermore, 63% reported lowering stress, and 78% stated the weighted quilt is preferred as relive stress tool over other options.

The quality of its products has been proven by the thousands of customer reviews on several review platforms. On top of that, the free shipping and 30-day return policy and free shipping will guarantee your satisfaction.

What's On Calming Blankets

As you already know, this brand offers weighted blankets. However, this brand has other bedding-related products to better slumber style. Below are several product collections:

  • Weighted Blankets: Adults, Bamboo, Hand Woven, and Silver Ion Weighted Blankets
  • Accessories: Mattress Topper, Silk Eye Mask, 3z’s Pillow Mist, Spare Minky Covers, Cotton Covers, Bamboo Covers

This brand has various weighted brackets and covers made of different main fabrics. So, select it according to your liking. But which one is the best? Move to the next section of for Calming Blankets review.

Calming Blankets Weighted Blanket Reviews

Adults Weighted Blanket

Here it is the heart of this brand which is the best calming blanket for anxiety! The Adults Weighted Blanket is its best-selling original weighted blanket that allows you to improve your sleep and reduce anxiousness.

Calming Blankets Weighted Blanket Reviews
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This plush velvet weighted blanket is made of outer minky plush fabric that is snuggly and warm. It’ll give you a velvety embrace when you curl up under it. Besides, the ultra-soft feels of the knit fabrics also enhances durability. 

In addition, the polyester outer and inner are also excellent materials for retaining heat. The polyester fabric’s tight weave will trap the heat and keep you warm for a long time. Meanwhile, the eco-friendly glass beds are sewn dispersely in separate black pockets for even weight.


  • Material: Minky plush fabric
  • Colour: Granite, Quartz

Available in 6.8kg granite, 9.0kg granite, and 9.0kg quartz, choose one based on your weight preference. Thus, check the availability now since it is currently on sale for $119 and $139

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket Review

Hand Woven Weighted Blanket

Basically, it’s the same as the previous item, but what makes it different is the use of hand-woven. Thanks to its construction, the Hand-Woven Weighted Blanket is the best-weighted blanket in any season.

Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket Review
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This product is made to achieve ultimate comfort and calming effect in all climates. Moreover, the hand-woven style effectively gives warmth without trapping unnecessary heat. Unlike the previous products, this weighted quilt has no ties, shifting weights, or beads.

The unique design is stretchable, ideal for anyone weighing over 40 kg. Also, the knit stitched woven offers enhanced durability with 9kgs of weight total.    

This one of the best Calming blankets for anxiety features antimicrobial material to maintain cleanliness. Plus, it’s washable, a supreme feature for every clean freak.


  • Material: Woven
  • Colour: Black, Grey, Baby Pink, Baby Blue

On top of that, we love how this product offers stain-less colour options of grey and black. Also, find cute and attractive colours like baby pink and blue. Thus, relieve your anxiety with a warm and breathable hand-woven quilt at $249. Psst, it’s currently on discount for $119 only!

7.0 7/10
8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10

Calming Blankets Mattress Topper Review

Mattress Topper

Not only a warm quilt above you, but Mattress Topper will provide you with the best comfort under you. To enhance your sleeping comfort and anxiety problem, this product is designed to relax your restless body and soothe your racing mind.

Calming Blankets Mattress Topper Review
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This mattress topper offers gentle cushioning with ultra-soft and high-tech fibre fill. This material can help to improve neck, hips, and back pain while promoting deep and restorative sleep. Moreover, the 4kg fiber support and balance the spine.

Additionally, it’s fully fitted elastic lined to cover your mattress, preventing movement during the night securely. Meanwhile, the 1200 grams per square deliver a high-density layer for cushioning your body and can spring back before usage.


  • Material: Hi-tech fibre fill and cotton
  • Colour: White

The cotton outer layer offers absolute comfort during any season since it won’t trap body heat. What a cooler and calmer night’s sleep. So, transform your uncomfortable hard mattress into something that feels brand new at $99!

7.0 7/10
7.0 7/10
9.0 9/10

Calming Blankets Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

After reading our review, you may be wondering about our opinion about its pricing. If we compare it with other brands, we think its price range is reasonable with a high quality offered.

It ranges from $119-$399 for the weighted blankets and $19-$239 for the accessories collection. The lowest price is 3z’s Pillow Mist, Cotton Covers, and Silk Eyemask. Meanwhile, the highest price is Hand-Woven weighted quilt. 

What’s more awe-inspiring is how this brand has a huge discount for most items. So, check the list below since we’ve hunted down all current savings.

  • More than 50% off on Winter Sale
  • Free Shipping within Australia for over $60
  • Sign up to the email list to get a 10% off discount code and future coupon notification

Calming Blankets Customer Reviews

AS one of the best weighted blankets Australia, this brand has received millions of purchases and thousands of reviews. We can discover enormous numbers of customer feedback across several customer review platforms. Below is the stats of customer rating  and review:

Calming Blankets Customer Reviews
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  • 4.3/5 rating from 389 reviews total in Trustpilot
  • 4.6/5 rating from 1,108 testimonials total on Facebook
  • 4.7/5 rating from 6,586 reviews on

The numbers above indicate how impressive the reliability and customer satisfaction percentages are. Below is one of Calming Blankets reviews from customers:

I purchased 4 Kevin Koalas for my youngest grandchildren. They cannot sleep without them, and if they get upset over something, they will find this new cosy friend. These items were delivered promptly and came in excellent packaging…

Similar to the previous reviews, another testimonial also reported:

… Very fluffy and soft. I’m a hot sleeper, but with these, I can sleep at a consistent temperature throughout the night. I suffer from ADHD, and I find the whole sensory experience of this blanket very soothing. Its heavy weight, coupled with its soft and cool fabric, puts me in a sensory paradise…

Aside from the positive testimonials, here’s one of the customer complaints:

The weighted blanket is amazing! Extremely cosy and made my anxiety subside immediately. Standard queen/queen covers fit perfectly, BUT the bamboo queen/queen covers are too small…

The product’s comfort is unquestionable since most customers stated how cosy it is. Others also state how comforting it is when it comes to relieving anxiety. However, there are many reviews about how the size runs small.

Are Calming Blankets Worth It?

For those struggling with anxiety and wanting better sleep, the Calming Blankets are worth trying. Its products are proven to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Additionally, you can relish the cozy feeling of the high-quality fabric encompassing you.

Are Calming Blankets Worth It?
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It also offers multiple best calming blankets with different materials that are durable, washable and eco-friendly. Moreover, thousands of customer has left their impression about the products. Turn out many people find relief in their ADHD from these therapy blankets.

Calming Blankets Pros And Cons

To help you make your decision, take a count at the pros and cons below:


  • Made of premium material
  • Soft to the touch and comfortable
  • Available in various main material
  • Help soothe anxiety and improve sleep
  • Reduce movement while sleeping 
  • Cost affordable
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Thousands positive reviews


  • The size tends to be small.

Calming Blankets Customer Service

How To Contact

Have any questions about the brand? Then contact its customer service available from Monday to Friday, and they’ll reply within 24 hours via:

Company Address

Adelaide, South Australia
775 South Rd
Black Forest, 5035

Where To Buy

If you’re planning to get its weighted blanket for better relaxing sleeping, visit its official store at Its website is available for Australian and UK orders.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you look for the Calming Blankets review, some questions may arise. So below are the FAQs that you may be curious about.

Do Calming Blankets really work?

Due to the weighted design, it will make the autonomic nervous down to the rest mode. So, it can reduce anxiety syndrome like quickened breathing or heart rate.

Are Calming Blankets safe?

It’s designed for relaxation and better sleeping. Automatically, it is safe for healthy adults, older children, and teenagers.

Who is the CEO of Calming Blankets?

The CEO of this company is Davie Fogarty.

What are Calming Blankets made of?

It’s made of Minky and Plus. Besides, it also has other materials in other products like woven, bamboo, and others.

How much is Calming Blankets revenue?

According to a trusted website, its revenue is around <$5.


After scouring our Calming Blankets review, this brand is indeed one of the leading brands. With its products, you can enjoy a restful sleep while calming your mind. So not only resting your body and also your mind.

The weighted construction combined with quality material offers unparalleled comfort. Furthermore, you can leave all the buzzing minds and focus on getting a quality slumber. Thus, enjoy the embrace of warmth Calming Blankets!

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