Simba Sleep Reviews

Simba Sleep is a UK company founded in 1979 with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Steve Reid, James Cox and the McClements family found this brand with a mission to create the perfect mattress.

Simba Sleep Reviews
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The perfect mattress here has a high tech that can adapt to the body for exceptional support. Also, the brand strives to make this mattress cost affordably. With this quality, it successfully has more than 1m purchases.

Now, it has grown as an international business with products widely spread. You can even find it on several media like The Independent, Women’s Health, TechRadar and more. Furthermore, the people’s interest showed 262K followers on Facebook and 44.8K on Instagram.

Wondering what so fuss about this brand? Our Simba Sleep review will guide you to know it more deeply. Thus, read more for product information, pricing, deals and testimonials. Let’s scour!

Why Simba Sleep Mattress?

Simba Sleep strives to make the best mattress in the world. So, its bedding collection will be constructed to give the customer absolute comfort for sleeping longer and deeper. For instance, it uses open-cell foam for superb airflow.

Its mattress also innovates from data-driven design. Using the body profile data from 10m sleepers, the bed is crafted for every body type and slumber style. So, it’s not like your ordinary bedding.

Having a high service promise, it offers free delivery, a 200-day trial and a 10-year warranty. Also, there are various payment options like 0% finance over 12 months and up to 3 years of monthly payments.

What's On Simba Mattress UK

Simba Sleep is the best place to find bedding to make more quality sleep. Its products are science-backed made using 100% recyclable materials. Even better, its collection is CertiPUR verified.

In addition, its official website covers a wide selection of bedding collections. From bed base to mattress topper, you can find it here. The following are the available bedding assortment on the site:

Product Collection

Mattress Simba Hybrid, Organic, Simbatex Foam, Baby & Kids, Toppers, etc
Bundles Hybrid, Platform, Atlas Bundles, etc
Beds Platform Bed Base, Atlas Bed Base, etc
Pillows Hybrid Pillow, Hybrid Firm Pillow, Stratos Pillow, Cooling Body Pillow, etc
Duvets Hybrid Duvet, 3-in-1 Duvet, Summer Hybrid Duvet, etc
Bedding Hybrid Topper, Mattress Protector, Fitted Sheets, Weighted Blanket, etc

What a long list. Indeed, this brand has a myriad of bedding products with special designs. But how about the quality? Hence, let’s break down the product quality in the following  Simba Sleep review section!

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Hybrid Mattress

Have you never found a mattress that is soft and hard enough for you? Simba Sleep Hybrid Mattress is the perfect medium firm for restful sleep. It combines the unmatched comfort of top layers and a tailored support layer as the base.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review
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The comfort layer at the top is an Aerocoil micro spring comfort. It’s a super-strong titanium spring that allows you to budge without disturbing your partner. Furthermore, it has excellent airflow, heat control and hip and shoulder cushioning.

Are you a hot sleeper? Choose no other than this hybrid mattress! Thanks to the Simbatex or open-cell foam, it can also provide 30x more airflow and superb elasticity. There’s absolutely no doubt about its comfort and temperature regulation.

Simba Sleep Hybrid Mattress Details

  • Depths: 25cm
  • Layer: 6 layers
  • Spring: 3000 springs
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Size: Double, Single, Small Double, King, Super King, EU Single, EU double and EU Queen

In addition, it also boasts other good features. It includes edge-to-edge support, recyclable material, a Regen base layer and a washable and anti-allergenic surface.

So choose your size to enjoy absolute back support and a cool sleeping experience at £479.40 to £839.40. Check it out now while it is 40% off!

Simba Sleep Pillow Review

Hybrid Firm Pillow

Aside from offering soft to medium hybrid pillows, this brand also has a medium to firm pillow. The Simba Sleep Hybrid Firm Pillow suits those who prefer a firmer pillow. Not only the firmness, but the good thing is it’s made of sustainable, 100% Better Cotton.

Simba Sleep Pillow Review
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It’s designed with three inner of two Simba Renew and foam-enclosed Aerocoil springs. These three inner layers are interchangeable based on your sleeping style. The Aerocoil will give robust support for the head. Meanwhile, the soft layers deliver great cushioning for comfort.

Another thing we like about this is the Stratos cool touch tech in the outer. This outer layer delivers a soothingly cool to the-touch and efficient excess body heat dissipation. This benefit is thanks to the breathable mesh section, which encourages fresh air to flow through the pillow.

Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow Details

  • Depths: 25cm
  • Layer: 5 layers
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Size: (W) 45cm*(L) 70cm*(H) 05cm

With this kind of super construction, this hybrid pillow is a great anti-allergy. Likewise, the machine washable outer allows you to maintain hygiene. So, put your head on this cooling pillow that’s firm enough for you at £159!

Simba Mattress Price

How Much Does Simba Sleep Cost?

After knowing the products’ quality, some of you may wonder about the pricing of this brand. Currently, the Simba Sleep pricing on the site ranges from £22.75 to £2,699.40. It’s pretty reasonable due to the comprehensive quality product collections.

At the lowest cost, you can buy the Performance Bed Linen. Whereas the highest is Hybrid Ultra Mattress. Here’s the further pricing of each collection:

Simba Sleep Price List

Mattress £449.40-£2,699.40
Bundles £572.25-£1,435.15
Beds £829-£1,079
Pillows £60-£159
Duvets £96.75-£291.85
Bedding £22.75-£399

FYI, it also has numbers of sales to help you get huge savings. So, we’ll help you by listing all the current perks on its official website:

  • Free shipping on delivery within the UK
  • Get up to 55% OFF on Sale collection
  • Up to 70% OFF on the refurbished collection
  • Obtain a £100 discount code by referring a friend
  • Register for the newsletter for a special coupon code and updates on perks.

Simba Sleep Delivery Policy

Simba Sleep provides shipping within the UK with free carbon-neutral delivery. It is usually delivered within 1-3 days between 7 am and 7 pm. Besides, you can ask for delayed delivery, but no more than 14 days. 

Additionally, the mattresses are delivered by two two-person teams. Their team will personally set up the mattress. Even better, you can ask to remove the old bed for recycling.

Simba Vs Emma Mattress

One of the biggest competitors of the brand is Emma Mattress. So, to help you make a decision, we’ll compare Simba and Emma Sleep:

  Simba Sleep Emma Sleep
Price From £479.40 From £237.75
Firmness Medium Firm Medium
Cover GRS-certified recycled fibres 99% polyester, 1% elastane
Layers 6 5
GRS certified Yes No
CertiPUR certified Yes Yes
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Trial 200 nights 200 nights

Simba Mattress Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Not only our opinion, customer reviews are the best place to find genuine opinions. It can help us see negative and positive opinions after lying in bed. Fortunately, this bedding brand has a huge number of customer testimonials.

Simba Mattress Reviews
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For instance, it’s rated with a 4.5/5 rating from 45,096 feedback on Trustpilot. Not to be outdone, its site also has many testimonials. Here’s the data on the best-selling bedding collection on the official site:

The almost perfect star rating makes this brand reliable among customers. But is the customer opinion really that good? Consider one of the customer opinions among Simba Sleep reviews:

The best sleep ever! A nice high mattress that is easy to climb on and breathable material. It keeps me warm yet still has airflow and space. I’ll recommend the Simba bed to anyone 100%. I’ve suffered from sleep issues for years. I never realised how important a mattress is for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Not only the positive testimonials, we also need to take a look at negative ones. Further, it allows us to find any Simba mattress problems. Here’s a duvet review with negative sentiment: 

Quick and easy delivery. After about a week of adjusting to this mattress, my wife and I found the mattress too firm for side sleeping. We’ve previously owned another brand of hybrid mattress and found the Simba to be too firm compared to that. It’s a pity because this mattress is more cool than others.

The most common opinion after trying its products is the breathable material and good layers. Provides a comfortable sleeping experience. Conversely, the opposing opinion is that the firm level isn’t suited for those who prefer soft firmness.

Is It Worth Buying A Simba Mattress?

Simba Sleep has an ergonomic design with a super layer and sustainable material. Moreover, the firm mattress is for you if you prefer a medium to firm firmness. This firmness and robust layers offer a good blend of deep spine support and pressure pain relief.

Is It Worth Buying A Simba Mattress?
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In addition, with breathable material, it delivers good performance to boost the comfortability. The excellent cooling effect and airflow will also help you sleep better. Overall, from quality to eco-friendliness, this brand is worth trying.

Simba Sleep Pros And Cons

From our review, you may realise that this brand not only has a good side. It also had a bad side that’s worth considering. So, take a look at the compiled pros and cons in the following to make a wise decision:


  • Breathable, washable and anti-allergy cover
  • Innovative SupportCore base
  • Super airflow and heat control
  • Engineered to be sustainable
  • Expansive quality bedding collection
  • Free delivery
  • 200 nights trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • The mattress is not suitable for sleepers with a soft firmness preference.

Simba Sleep Customer Service

How To Contact

Searching for its contact number? No worry. Its customer support team will be happy to help you using the contact information below:

  • Email Address:
  • Live Chat: At the top right of the page
  • Social Media: @SimbaSleep

Headquarters Address

Simba Sleep Limited, 5th Floor
Halo, Counterslip, Bristol
United Kingdom, BS1 6AJ

Where To Buy Simba Sleep

Have you decided to upgrade your sleeping experience? Then, it’s time to choose your bedding collection and purchase it at The brand also has a special official site for France and Canada. In addition, you can find the nearest offline seller on Store Finder!


Frequently Asked Questions

Still hungry for information about this brand? Check the FAQs most people ask about the Simba Sleep review below.

Is Simba the same as Emma mattress?

The main difference is Simba Hybrid uses open-cell Simbatex foam as an additional layer. Meanwhile, Emma Hybrid uses the memory foam layer.

Who owns Simba Sleep?

This mattress company was founded by Steve Reid, James Cox and the McClements family.

Is the Simba mattress hard or soft?

It provides a medium-firm firmness level.

Is Simba mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes, it is. Not only good for side sleepers, it’s also suitable for light to average and back sleepers. Besides, the firmness is ideal for those with a medium-firm feel.


Simba Sleep review stated this brand is legit for a quality mattress and bedding collection as our final verdict. Furthermore, a sustainably made mattress with great back support will help you sleep well.

The brand offers a wide selection from mattress topper to bed base. Truly a one-stop store to upgrade your slumber style. So, visit Simba Sleep now for an unmatched sleep experience!

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