Laybrook Reviews

So, who is Laybrook anyway? It’s a company that specialises in manufacturing adjustable medical beds under Laybrook Limited. The company was founded in 2004, with headquarters in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Laybrook Reviews
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For over 2 decades, it has been in the adjustable bed industry. Combining experience and knowledge, it strives to provide quality, durable and comfortable products at cheap prices.

With its collection, this brand is the ideal stop for finding quality nursing and care home beds. Now, the company has millions of sales, thousands of reviews and over 2.7K followers on Facebook.

However, what’s actually its secret recipe for surviving decades in the industry? So, our Laybrook review will dig deeper into every inch of this brand. Lay on your bed and keep scrolling to find out!

Why Laybrook Groub Ltd?

There are many reasons why Laybrook has become the top choice in finding adjustable beds. First, the unbeatable prices with a price match ensure the lowest price. It also offers a 7-day trial, a 14-day exchange policy and guaranteed motors, mechanism and base.

Although already low priced, you can be sceptical about the product’s quality. All the beds are firm and made of premium material with high-end features for your needs.

The products are also manufactured using the highest European standards with BHTA approval. Thus, this brand won’t lower your expectations regarding quality, performance, customer service and pricing.

What's On Laybrook England

Generally speaking, Laybrook sells a wide assortment of adjustable beds. However, this brand is widely known for its nursing and care beds, whether for home or commercial use.

To serve the purchase, the beds will feature great functions like tilting, reclining, turning and many more. The website also covers beds made of metal, leather, wood and divan. What a great place to find something beyond a mattress.

Product Collections

  • Beds For Home: Divans, Wood, Leather, Metal, Carers Height Adjustable, TV Beds, Chair Beds, etc
  • Care Beds Home: Care Home Beds, Hoists, Accessories, Care Home Mattress, Commodes, etc
  • Beds By Size: Single, Double, Dual, etc

Aside from the adjustable beds, this brand has one branch dedicated to riser or recliner chairs. That’s short information about what the company offers. Now, let’s dive deeper into the Laybrook review of its products!

Laybrook Adjustable Beds Reviews

Thornbury Adjustable Bed

The Thornbury Adjustable Bed is one of the best-selling items in the Laybrook collection. This adjustable bed adopt the luxury divan style upholstered bed using the Belgian damask material.

Laybrook Adjustable Beds Reviews
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When purchasing this bed, you can adjust the size, mattress type, massage mechanism, headboard, etc. So, it’s absolutely a great option to modify the features on the bed to ensure the best usage based on the needs.

In addition, we like how it’s available with or without drawers for better storage. It’s highly durable and solid, with great quality to rely on. Furthermore, the classic headboard and golden finish surrounding the bed enhance the superb elegance.

Interestingly, the heavy-duty mechanism allows it to last longer. Also, change the mattress type and feel based on the slumber preference. Thus, enjoy a better sleeping experience with Thornbury Adjustable Bed available in Single, Double and dual at £795 to £1695!

Laybrook Bed Chair and Leg Lifter Reviews

Lincoln Hi-Low Bed Chair and Leg Lifter

A chair bed with a leg lifter is one of the most necessary features in care beds. The Laybrook Lincoln Hi-Low Bed Chair and Leg Lifter is the best option for highly adjustable beds. It can be a bed at night and magically turn into a chair when needed.

Laybrook Bed Chair and Leg Lifter Reviews
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The Lincoln Chair Bed is designed to help those who sleep in a riser recliner chair. With the versatile design, you can tilt the chair, change the rake, and extend the footrest. Moreover, the motorised foot extension allows the chair to be 4in longer.

Additionally, it is 5in thick with 3 inches of supporting foam for ultimate comfort. This mattress is customisable with a standard, mem foam, gel foam or dynamic microcell air overlay option. It can be chosen depending on the sleeper’s condition.

This bedchair with a leg lifter is equipped with 8 motors, offering thousands of possible comfort positions. Also, this motor delivers ease of usage for the carers and users to stay independent. So, leverage a highly adjustable chair bed and leg lifter at a price starting from £5,495!

Laybrook Turning Bed Reviews

Turning Adjustable Single Bed 18 Stone

Like its name, the Laybrook Turning Adjustable Single Bed 18 Stone is a turnable bed to chair. The difference from the chair beds is the turning bed looks more like a bed than a chair. But it can be functioned as a chair.

Laybrook Turning Bed Reviews
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This turning bed has a short seat depth, allowing you to get your bottom to the back of the seated area. Besides, they redesigned the bed lower with the additional motor on the leg, making the mattress closer to the mechanism. As a result, it has a deeper mattress for enhanced comfort.

With simple remote controls with fewer buttons, it’s easy to access even for the special condition user. The remote also has icons and pictures and is backlit for easy identification.

Additional features like the patented foot raise option are available that are great for Lymphoedema. Also, this turning bed has other high-end features like complete profiling, grab rail, battery backup, and a 90-degree rotation feature. Get this turning bed for convenient care starting from £6,995!

Laybrook Accessories Reviews

Despite its care beds and mattresses, Laybrook has a worthy accessories collection. All of the items are still related to bedding and caring products.

Laybrook Accessories Reviews
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All accessories are chosen from the highest quality and function for your needs. It encompasses a grab rail, tied pillow case, under-bed lights, mattress protectors, sheets, backlit remote, overbed table and more.

One of its best-selling items is the grab rail, designed for domestic electric adjustable beds. It can help to get up and sit on the edge’s side. Below are some worth considering accessories.

Best-Selling Accessories

There are a lot of other products that you can find in its accessories collection. All of them will be beneficial for your needs. Thus, feel free to scour and discover the best accessories for you at the price range of £19 to £895!

Laybrook Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

With its wide assortment of products, its pricing ranges from £19 to £10,895. The lowest-priced product is a Tied pillow case, and the Turning Electric Dual Bed 25 Stone is the highest. Below is the range price based on some collections:

  • Adjustable Beds: £395 to £10,895
  • Accessories and Upgrades: £19 to £895
  • Mattress Upgrades for Electric Beds: £100 to £200

Laybrook is committed to providing the most affordable price. Therefore, this brand has great savings to help you save your bucks. Here’s the perks list:

  • Get the lowest price with a price match guarantee
  • Discover current discounts on the Special Offers page
  • Free delivery and installation within the mainland UK
  • Join the email list to get a special voucher code and sales information

Laybrook Beds Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

No need to underline. Checking the customer’s reviews is vital. It allows us to see what they said after purchasing the products, whether positive or negative opinion. Fortunately, it has countable review numbers in several third-party review platforms. Here’s the data:

Laybrook Beds Reviews
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  • Google reviews: 4.3/5 average rating based on 93 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 4.4/5 average rating from 144 reviews
  • TrustSpot: 4.7/5 rating from 433 reviews

Across multiple third-party testimonial platforms, this brand successfully has a high rating. It indicates how the brand can maintain the customers’ satisfaction. Next, consider some of the customer statements about the Laybrook reviews:

I like our new bed, which has made a massive difference for my disabled husband. The quality is outstanding. The technician was very helpful and explained everything. We have had a great experience with the customer service team. We’d definitely suggest this brand to everyone.

Check the complaint below to understand both positive and negative customer experiences:

… Shipping to Scotland will take 28 days, not 21 days, to the UK address promised on the website… The beds were attractive and comfortable and worked well, and the service was good despite a slight lag at the beginning.

Nearly all the users stated quality construction, features, material and pricing. On the other hand, we found some issues with the late shipping and out-of-stock items.

Is Laybrook Worth It?

When it comes to adjustable beds in the UK, Laybrook is totally worth considering. This brand is on the top list for quality and durable adjustable care beds. All products come with great mobility features for the best convenience while nursing or simply daily sleeping.

On top of that, this company is the best choice for budget-conscious customers due to the low price. It often offers NHS discounts with a price match guarantee on all products. Overall, it’s the best option for quality bedding with risk-free purchase quality.

Laybrook Pros And Cons

With the thousands of characters in our articles, you may hardly find the point of it. Shortly, check the pros and cons below to know the quality of this brand!


  • Highly customisable bedding
  • Adjustable mattress firmness and size
  • High mobility features
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Premium material used
  • Affordable pricing with many sales
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • 7-day home trial
  • 14-days return policy
  • High ratings and reviews


  • The shipping took longer than expected
  • Some products turn out out of stock.

Laybrook Customer Service

How To Contact

Looking for a way to contact its support team? No matter what your issues are, reach them from Mon to Sat using the contact information below:

  • Email Address: Sales@Laybrook.Com
  • Phone Number: 0808 258 1762
  • Live Chat: Purple button at the lower right
  • Social Media: @laybrookltd

Headquarters Address

Units 4 & 5, Arena 14,
Bicester Distribution Park, Cambridge Way,
Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4SS

Where To Buy Laybrook

Ready to bring your bed home? Then, explore its bedding collection in the official store at But, for those who prefer tactile visits, find the bed showroom in Bicester, England!


Frequently Asked Questions

When surfing for a Laybrook review, customers usually ask specific general questions. We help to compile those FAQs for you. Check the list below!

Who owns Laybrook?

This bed company is owned by Laybrook Ltd.

Does Laybrook ship internationally?

Yes, it ships overseas, but there’s an additional shipping cost.


With outstanding adjustable bedding lines, our Laybrook review believes this brand is worth being the top choice. This company offers quality adjustable beds with superb quality, adjustability and mobility features.

The price also makes it a great deal with the most reasonable pricing available in the market. Thus, get your restful sleep and excellent nursing features with next-level bed function at Laybrook!

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