Who Gives A Crap Reviews

Who Gives A Crap embarked on the industry in 2012 and was initiated by Simon, Jehan, and Danny. They launched the brand through the crowdfunding campaign IndieGoGo which helped their company born. Then, they delivered the first products in 2013 and have kept growing ever since.

Who Gives A Crap Reviews
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facebook.com/WhoGivesACrapTP https://facebook.com/WhoGivesACrapTP

But why does this brand get so much attention from people? It’s basically because the company makes its way to be different. Over there years, 1 million deaths happened due to contaminated water. Even worst, 1 million trees are destroyed, and Giant corporations keep making junk.

So to fix these crappy issues, the three founders want to impact the human and earth positively. Consequently, they innovate toilet paper with environmentally friendly material that has a less negative impact on the earth.

With its crowd establishment, this brand quickly takes over the industry. Moreover, it is also all over social media, with 310K Instagram followers and 295K on Facebook.

Wait a minute, is that the only thing that makes this brand overly hyped? Thus, our Who Gives A Crap review will help you to take a closer look at this brand. Keep scouring!

Why Who Gives A Crap?

The reason why this brand seizes customer interest is due to Who Gives A Crap’s value. They bring a positive value to their toilet paper with eco-friendly products. So it’s become a good alternative for environment-conscious customers.

The products are also recyclable, that good for the earth. Not only eco-friendly but bamboo toilet paper also offers luxurious tissues with premium quality. On top of that, the compare donates 50% of the profits to help reduce deforestation and other communities in need.

So the company is not all about tissues, but also how its value can impact the earth and communities. Now, the company successfully have donated $11,222,000 AUD.

Aside from the product quality and value, this brand also has excellent customer service. So, customers can enjoy absolute satisfaction with a 30-day return policy and free carbon-neutral shipping.

What's On Who Gives A Crap

As mentioned before, Who Gives a Crap is an Australian toilet paper company that donates 50% of its profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries.

However, it’s not typical TP but made of recycled material and plastic-free rolls. So the company uses materials like bamboo and sugarcane to make it better for the earth.

Some products are even B Corp Certified for Environmental Impact. Furthermore, the products are available for one-time purchase and subscription. So you can’t get tissues regularly without ordering again. Below are the current products that are offered.

Who Gives A Crap Tissues and TP Collections

  • Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • 100% Recycled Toilet Paper
  • Forest Friendly Tissues
  • Dream Cloths
  • Forest Friendly Paper Towels

This brand indeed has a small number of collections. But all products are carefully manufactured to serve their purpose and the highest quality.

Additionally, this brand also launches several special editions that sell limitedly. For instance, the Where’s The Loo Edition and The Give Edition. Next, see the product quality from the Who Gives A Crap review section below!

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper Review

Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

The Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper Premium 100% Bamboo is the best-selling item that become the center of this brand. This toilet paper is made of 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo.

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper Review
Image credit: us.whogivesacrap.org
us.whogivesacrap.org https://us.whogivesacrap.org

So it’s entirely biodegradable with B Corp certified for Environmental Impact. Also, these recycled TP can play well with nearly all septic tanks. So you can wipe easily with no guilty.

Since the primary material or the rolls aren’t made from trees like mainstream TP, so it’ll feel different. But in a good way. These fancy rolls have luxuriously soft and super strong thanks to the extra cushy 3 ply.

On top of that, unlike other rolls, it has 48 double lengths with 370 sheets. So, upgrade your toilet paper use with these premium bamboo TP at $44 for 24 rolls and $68 for 48 rolls!

Who Gives A Crap Tissues Review

Forest Friendly Tissues

Flu? Wipe dirt? Now you can use tissue with less guilt. The Who Gives A Crap Forest Friendly Tissues is biodegradable tissue made of 100% bamboo fiber.

Who Gives A Crap Tissues Review
Image credit: us.whogivesacrap.org
us.whogivesacrap.org https://us.whogivesacrap.org

Not only highly biodegradable, but it’s extremely strong for the biggest sneezes. Yet, it’s very soft for the smallest sniffles. Moreover, Since it’s made of bamboo, using these softest tissues can prevent deforestation.

What we also like about this tissue box is that it has no scents, inks, or dyes. The tissues also have been tested for common allergens, and it’s indeed hypoallergenic. So, this soft-to-touch and safe material is even great for facial tissues.

Each box will contain 65 tissues 3-ply with 7.7″ x 8.5″ each. Thus, use fancy and safer tissues for you, your skin, and your living space at $20 for 12 boxes.

Who Gives A Crap Paper Towels Review

Forest Friendly Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the most highly used paper in our home. Which means you indirectly take part in killing trees. The Who Gives A Crap Forest Friendly Paper Towels is a green solution made of better material.

Who Gives A Crap Paper Towels Review
Image credit: us.whogivesacrap.org
us.whogivesacrap.org https://us.whogivesacrap.org

These are made of a blend of bamboo and sugarcane or bagasse. So instead of wasting the byproduct of sugarcane processing, the company choose to upcycle it. 

Surprisingly, the 2-ply 100% recycled rolls are highly solid and absorbent. So, don’t worry about using it to handle spills and messes on your countertop and any corner of your home.

However, the 22.8cm x 22.5cm sheets might be shorter than other papel towers. But it can help with the amount you need for small messes, also reducing the shipping cost. Lastly, at $20, you can get 6 double-length rolls of 120 sheets each. What a great deal!

Who Gives A Crap Dream Cloth Review

Dream Cloths

There are many ways to make eco-friendly changes in your daily life. One of the solutions is to make a small change by using cloth. The Who Gives A Crap Dream Cloths is a washable and reusable paper towel alternative.

Who Gives A Crap Dream Cloth Review
Image credit: us.whogivesacrap.org
us.whogivesacrap.org https://us.whogivesacrap.org

This cloth is fast drying making it perfect for wiping appliances and soaking up spills with no icky sponge smell. Further, the absorbent and durable construction makes it more substantial than a puny paper towel. Plus, it can hold 13 times the weight in the water.

It’s worth mentioning that this cloth is made of 100% plant-based material like 70% FSC-certified cellulose and 30% repurposed cotton. So not only durable, you can toss it in any compost.

A package will contain 3 Dream Cloths with 17 x 20cm each. Each cloth has a different texture, such as sponge, material, and marvelous. Hence, reduce your paper towel usage with a better option at $12!

Who Gives A Crap Price

How Much Does It Cost?

When you see the price, you may think it costs pretty much, but we think it’s reasonable. It’s due to the ultimate quality, and it sells in multiple rolls or boxes.

If you visit the online website, the prices range from $12 to $68. The lowest-priced is Dream Cloths, and the highest is Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper. FYI, this brand also has several offerings that can lower the price. Below is the sale information:

  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • Save more on monthly subscription purchases
  • Give $10 off and get $10 off by referring a friend
  • Join the email list to get a $10 discount code and notifications

Who Gives A Crap VS Reel

Fortunately, when it comes to toilet paper, many brands offer eco-friendly solutions. And Reel is one of the companies that also offers bamboo TP. So, to help you compare these two big brands, we’ll provide the comparison table below:

  Who Gives A Crap Reel
Price $68 $82.99
Rolls 48 48
Sheets 370 300
Ply 3-ply 3-ply
Material Bamboo Bamboo
Return Policy 30-days 30-days
Free Shipping Yes Yes


Who Gives A Crap Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Since this brand has a noteworthy history in the industry, this brand has thousands of reviews across platforms. For example, this brand obtains a 4.2/5 average rating from 2,056 total in the Trustpilot.

Who Gives A Crap Customer Reviews
Image credit: eco-boost.co
eco-boost.co https://eco-boost.co

Meanwhile, Productreview.com has 1,368 reviews with a 4.6/5 average rating. Not only in the third-party reviews platform, but this brand also obtains a huge amount of reviews on the official website. Below are the data of best-selling items:

  • Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper gets a 4.9/5 star rating from 6,318 reviews
  • 100% Recycled Toilet Paper gets a 4.8/5 average rating from 2,912 reviews
  • Forest Friendly Paper Towels get a 4.8/5 rating from 1,697 reviews

From the numbers above, nearly all customers seem satisfied with the purchase. But it doesn’t mean the brand is flawless. Let’s hear the customer opinion in one of the Who Gives A Crap reviews below:

The wipes came in handy when I was sick last month. They didn’t irritate my skin, and the fabric was soft and strong enough for the task. I love that they are eco-friendly, so I can reach for them without feeling guilty.

Aside from the positive reviews, we especially choose one complaint in the Who Gives A Crap TP review. Here it’s:

I’ve found the bamboo fabric to be a bit more durable for those deep wipes. But decided to go back to the 100% recycled fabric because it feels softer.

Most of the customer has no issues with the product quality and service. The only complaint is about pricing and comparing other items with different materials. So overall, it’s a pretty impressive achievement.

Is Who Gives A Crap Worth The Money?

Some of you may think that its tissue costs higher than others, but it’s what you should pay for a luxurious and better quality tissue. So Who Gives A Crap is truly worth investing in if you want to make it better for the world and society.

Is Who Gives A Crap Worth The Money?
Image credit: facebook.com/WhoGivesACrapTP
facebook.com/WhoGivesACrapTP https://facebook.com/WhoGivesACrapTP

Its toilet paper is also made of recyclable material suitable for those who want to shop consciously. Besides, the company strives to donate half of its profit to society and the earth. So by purchasing the products, you’re making positive changes for yourself, the earth, and the community.

Who Gives A Crap Pros And Cons

Based on all information we’ve dug into this brand, we know better insight into its strength and drawback. So below are the pros and cons of the brand:


  • 100% recycled material
  • Biogradable and compostable
  • Hypoallergenic with no scent and dyes
  • B Corp certified for environmental impact
  • Super long, soft, and durable
  • Various perks are available
  • Free shipping with fast processing
  • 30-day return and refund policy
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • The free trial is currently unavailable
  • Customers complain about high pricing.

Who Gives A Crap Customer Service

How To Contact

Need more information about the TP? Or simply need an assistant in your purchasing journey? Feel free to contact its customer service available in:

  • Email Address: wedo@whogivesacrap.org
  • Phone Number: (212) 615-3585
  • Live Chat: Blue bubble on the lower right of the page
  • Social Media: @whogivesacraptp

Headquarters Address

Who Gives A Crap Inc
8605 Santa Monica Blvd, PMB 62559
West Hollywood, California 90069-4109
United States

Where To Buy

To start having luxurious tissues for your toiletries, you can purchase toilet paper from the Who Gives A Crap official website. Besides, its products are also available on Amazon, but only for specific countries like the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Checking the Who Gives A Crap review-related queries that people also asked can provide you with a better insider. So check the FAQs below:

Does Who Gives A Crap come from China?

Yes, it does. The majority of manufacturing operations is taken place in China.

Did Who Gives A Crap raise their prices?

During the pandemic, this company raised toilet rolls by up to 15 percent due to the high demand.

Does Who Gives A Crap really donate?

Yes, it does. The company donates 50% of profits to charity partners.


Based on all Who Gives A Crap review sections above, we believe this brand is a great solution. Its 100% recyclable products are a great change to our world to make it a better living place.

In addition, it’s made of plant-based material that is strong and soft for a luxurious experience. Not to mention the sustainability and charitable efforts. So start your eco-friendly action and fix the crappy that’s happening on earth by choosing Who Gives A Crap!

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