MP3 Religious Debates, Catholic and Christian Apologetics Talks

Some audio debates, philosophical discussions, apologetics talks, and miscellaneous MP3 files I have found very interesting and helpful in understanding the Catholic and Christian faith.

This page of audio are some of the better debates and Christian apologetics talks available on the Internet. Topics include commentary on the C.S. Lewis classic Mere Christianity; debates on atheism, the resurrection, the problem of evil, and other subjects with the evangelical Christian apologist and philosopher William Lane Craig, theologian Alister McGrath, and conservative author Dinesh D'Souza; critics of the Dan Brown novel The Da Vinci Code; some creation-evolution-intelligent design discussions and debates; rare Catholic convert and theologian Scott Hahn, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and Catholic Answers apologist Karl Keating.

For more on the Catholic faith see the Apologetics, Philosophy, and Spirituality articles available here on this site, and many articles available from EWTN documents and Catholic Answers sites are most helpful (see links for more great Catholic and Christian sites).

Debates and Apologetics Talks on this site (right click to save, left to listen)

C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity and more (see

Peter Kreeft on the Existence of God MP3 (see
Peter Kreeft on C.S. Lewis MP3
Philip van der Elst on C.S. Lewis MP3

C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity COMPLETE AUDIOBOOK MP3
C.S. Lewis The Problem of Pain COMPLETE AUDIOBOOK MP3
Hear C.S. Lewis from 1944 speak on Beyond Personality MP3

William Lane Craig debates (see

Existence of God

Debaters Year Topic
Craig vs. Frank Zindler 1993 Atheism vs. Christianity
Craig vs. Paul Draper 1997 Existence of God
Craig vs. Peter Atkins (round 1) 1998 Evidence For/Against Existence of God
Craig vs. Antony Flew 1998 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. Keith Parsons   1998 Why I am/am not a Christian
Craig vs. Eddie Tabash 1999 Secular Humanism vs. Christianity
Craig vs. Massimo Pigliucci 2001 Does the Christian God Exist?
Craig vs. Victor Stenger (round 1) 2003 Is There A God?
Craig vs. Austin Dacey (round 1) 2004 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. Austin Dacey (round 2) 2005 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. John Shook 2008 Existence of God
Craig vs. Victor Stenger (round 2) 2010 Existence of God
Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss (round 1, there is a 3-part debate 2013 below) 2011 Is There Evidence for God?
Craig vs. Peter Atkins (round 2) 2011 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. Stephen Law 2011 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. Peter Millican 2011 Does God Exist?
Craig vs. Alex Rosenberg 2013 Is Faith in God Reasonable? (with commentary)
Craig vs. Sean Carroll 2014 God and Cosmology
Craig vs. Roger Penrose 2019 The Universe, God and Metaphysics

Resurrection of Jesus

Debaters Year Topic
Craig vs. (Robert) Greg Cavin 1995 Resurrection ("Jesus twin" debate)
Craig vs. John Dominic Crossan 1995 Historical Jesus and Resurrection
Craig vs. Gerd Ludemann (round 1) 1997 Resurrection
Craig vs. Robert M. Price 1999 Resurrection
Craig vs. Marcus Borg 2001 Resurrection (with additional commentators)
Craig vs. Gerd Ludemann (round 2) 2002 Resurrection
Craig vs. Hector Avalos 2004 Resurrection
Craig vs. John Shelby Spong 2005 Resurrection
Craig vs. Bart Ehrman 2006 Resurrection (also debate transcript)
Craig vs. James Crossley 2007 Resurrection
Craig vs. Roy Hoover 2008 Resurrection
Craig vs. Richard Carrier 2009 Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?


A Reasonable Response by William Lane CraigA Universe From Nothing by Lawrence KraussConsciousness and the Universe edited by Roger Penrose, et alCraig on "Is God A Delusion?" with Panel Discussion 2011 MP3 
Craig speaks on his debates and the "Evidence for Christianity" 2002 MP3
Craig speaks on answering skeptics (Dan Barker, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins) MP3
Craig's Analysis of the Craig vs. Carrier Debate 2009 MP3

Craig vs. Brian Edwards on Resurrection (U.K. radio) MP3  
Craig vs. Brian Edwards on Existence of God (U.K. radio) MP3  


Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss "Has Science Buried God?" 2013 MP3 
Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss "Why is there Something Rather Than Nothing?" 2013 MP3 
Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss "Is it Reasonable to Believe in God?" 2013 MP3 
Craig Reasonable Faith Podcasts on the Krauss Debates 2013 MP3

Craig vs. Sean Carroll "God and Cosmology" 2014 MP3 
Craig vs. Roger Penrose "The Universe: How did it get here? Why are we a part?" 2019 MP3 

see also these William Lane Craig and N.T. Wright books

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? DVD by Ignatius PressDoes God Exist? The Craig-Flew Debate (Ashgate Publishing, 2003)   Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? A Debate Between William Lane Craig and John Dominic Crossan (Baker Academic, 1998)   God? A Debate between a Christian and an Atheist by William Lane Craig and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Oxford Univ Press, 2004)   There Is A God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Antony Flew and Roy Abraham Varghese (HarperOne, 2007)   Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Figment? A Debate Between William Lane Craig and Gerd Ludemann (InterVarsity Press, 2000)   The Resurrection of the Son of God by N.T. Wright (Fortress, 2003)   The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N.T. Wright in Dialogue (Fortress, 2006) 

"Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?" DVD produced by Ignatius Press

Alister McGrath debates and others (see Alister McGrath page) 

The Future of Atheism: Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett in Dialogue (Fortress Press, 2008)Alister McGrath "Is God a Delusion?" 2006 MP3
Daniel Dennett "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" MP3

Alister McGrath vs. Daniel Dennett on God and Religion 2006 MP3  
Alister McGrath vs. Peter Atkins on God, Darwin, Humanity 2007 MP3  
Alister McGrath vs. Richard Dawkins on Theism / Atheism 2007 MP3  
Alister McGrath vs. Richard Dawkins the cut segment from "Root of All Evil?" MP3
Alister McGrath vs. Christopher Hitchens on Religion in Modern World 2007 MP3  
Alister McGrath vs. Susan Blackmore on Is God a Delusion? 2007 MP3  

The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine by Alister and Joanna McGrath  The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins  Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life by Alister McGrath  God Is No Delusion: A Refutation of Richard Dawkins by Thomas Crean, O.P. (Ignatius Press, 2007)  What's So Great About Christianity? by Dinesh D'Souza (Regnery Publishing, 2007)

Dinesh D'Souza debates (see

Dinesh D'Souza vs. Michael Shermer on God, Religion, Morality 2007 MP3  
Dinesh D'Souza vs. Christopher Hitchens "What's So Great About Christianity?" 2007 MP3  
Dinesh D'Souza vs. Daniel Dennett "Is God (and Religion) a man-made invention?" 2007 MP3  

Dinesh D'Souza vs. Dan Barker on Christianity versus Atheism 2008 MP3  
Dinesh D'Souza vs. Dan Barker "The Great God Debate" 2009 MP3  
Dinesh D'Souza vs. John Loftus "Does the Christian God Exist?" 2010 MP3  
Dinesh interview on his debate with John Loftus MP3

Walter Martin debates (see

Walter Martin vs. Madalyn Murray O'Hair 1968 MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Hugh Schonfield on The Passover Plot MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Van Hale on Mormonism MP3  

Walter Martin vs. John Shelby Spong on The John Ankerberg Show 1989 MP3 (see

Walter Martin vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Peter and Papacy MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Justification by Faith MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Marian Doctrines MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Confession and Penance MP3  
Walter Martin vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Purgatory MP3  

The Problem of Evil and Morality

Doug Geivett on The Problem of Evil MP3
Answer to "Why Won't God Heal Amputees?" MP3 (from

William Lane Craig vs. Shelly Kagan on "Is God Necessary for Morality?" MP3  
William Lane Craig vs. Paul Kurtz on "Goodness Without God is Good Enough" MP3  
William Lane Craig vs. Sam Harris on "Is Good From God?" 2011 MP3  

Frank Turek vs. Michael Shermer "What Explains Morality: Science or God?" 2015 MP3  

William Lane Craig vs. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong debate on Evil and Suffering MP3  
William Lane Craig vs. Ray Bradley debate on God and Hell MP3  

Bart Ehrman vs. Richard Swinburne on The Problem of Evil 2009 MP3  
Bart Ehrman vs. Dinesh DSouza on The Problem of Evil 2010 MP3  
Bart Ehrman vs. Michael Brown on The Bible and Suffering 2010 MP3  

David Wood vs. John Loftus on The Problem of Evil 2007 MP3  

Historical Jesus and Bible Reliability

The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Hisotrical Evidence for Christ by Brant Pitreconservative / moderate evangelical scholars

N.T. Wright on Jesus of Myth and History 1996 MP3
Craig Blomberg on historical Jesus research 2000 MP3
Craig Keener on The Historical Jesus of the Gospels 2009 MP3 (see

The Search for Jesus with evangelical scholars 2001 MP3 (see
Craig Evans and Gary Habermas discuss Jesus books MP3
John Ankerberg with Gary Habermas on the historical Jesus MP3 (see
Hank Hanegraaff with historian Paul Maier on The Lost Tomb of Jesus 2007 MP3 (see

Are the Gospels Reliable? Debate on "Unbelievable" 2009 MP3  
Timothy McGrew on the Gospels and Acts as History 2011 MP3
Craig Blomberg on Why Should I Believe the Gospels are True? 2014 MP3

Richard Bauckham and James Crossley Debate Jesus and the Eyewitnesses 2009 MP3  
Dale Allison on the Historical and Theological Jesus 2008 MP3
Paul Maier on the Real Jesus, New Evidence from History and Archaeology 2013 MP3

Why Should I Believe in Jesus? Debate on "Unbelievable" 2009 MP3  
Amy Orr-Ewing Five Questions on the Bible MP3
Bible Contradictions and Inerrancy Debate on "Unbelievable" (2 programs) 2009 MP3  

N.T. Wright vs. John Dominic Crossan 2005 dialogue on the Resurrection MP3  
William Lane Craig on the Wright-Crossan Dialogue MP3

radical / liberal critics

Gary Habermas, Mike Licona, Richard Carrier on The Infidel Guy Show MP3 (see
Gregory Boyd vs. Robert M. Price on the historical Jesus 2003 MP3 (see
Gregory Boyd and Paul Eddy discuss The Jesus Legend 2008 MP3

How God Became Jesus by Simon Gathercole, et alHow Jesus Became God by Bart EhrmanBart Ehrman on Misquoting Jesus and NT Criticism MP3 (see
Bart Ehrman on Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth 2013 MP3

Bart Ehrman vs. Robert Price debate "Did Jesus Exist?" 2016 MP3  

Bart Ehrman interviewed by "Infidel Guy" 2007 MP3
Bart Ehrman vs. Craig Evans on "Is the NT Historically Reliable?" 2010 MP3  
Bart Ehrman vs. Simon Gathercole on How Jesus Became God / How God Became Jesus 2014 MP3  

J.P. Holding vs. Kenneth Humphreys on "Did Jesus Exist?" 2009 MP3  
J.P. Holding vs. Richard Carrier on "Is the NT Reliable?" 2011 MP3  

Earl Doherty Interview with Brian Flemming 2005 MP3 (see and this review by Mike Licona)
R.G. Price on Jesus a Very Jewish Myth MP3 (see
Richard Carrier on "Why I Don't Think Jesus Existed" 2013 MP3 (see

Fulton J. Sheen -- "Life Is Worth Living" series (see

Sheen on Truth Claims, Revelation, Authority, Miracles MP3
Sheen on Creed, Christ, Trinity MP3
Sheen on Church, Peter, Mary, Womanhood MP3
Sheen on Sin, Grace, Sacraments MP3
Sheen on Last Things MP3

Debating Catholicism by Karl Keating Karl Keating and Catholic/Protestant Debates and others (see

Karl Keating vs. Peter Ruckman 1987 MP3  
Karl Keating vs. Bart Brewer 1987 MP3  
Karl Keating vs. Bill Jackson 1987 MP3  

Karl Keating vs. Dave Hunt on Action Sixties February 1993 MP3  
Karl Keating vs. Dave Hunt on Catholicism and "Early Christianity" 1994 MP3  
Keith Fournier vs. Dave Hunt on "Evangelical Catholics" 1992 MP3  

Scott Hahn Conversion Story (the "original" from 1989) MP3 (see
Scott Hahn on Bible Answer Man June 1990 MP3 (see
Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Bible Answer Man July 1991 MP3

Scott Hahn "Answering Common Objections" COMPLETE 1990 MP3 (see
Norman Geisler on "Roman Catholics and Evangelicals" from SES COMPLETE 2014 MP3 (see

Brandon Vogt vs Michael Willenborg (M.A. SES) on Sola Scriptura 2019 MP3

Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome (Ignatius Press, 2016)Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences (Baker, 2005)Scott Hahn vs. Robert Bowman on Justification/Salvation 1997 MP3 (see  
Fr. Mitch Pacwa vs. Kenneth Samples on Sola Scriptura/Authority 1997 MP3  

Mark Bonocore vs. Matt Slick on CARM's "Faith and Reason" 2006 MP3 (see
Tim Staples vs. Mike Gendron on The Drew Mariani Show 2007 MP3 (see

Frank Beckwith and Timothy George on "Can You Be Catholic and Evangelical?" 2009 MP3  
Frank Beckwith interviewed by Greg Koukl on "Stand to Reason" 2007 MP3 (see

Hank Hanegraaff of CRI "Bible Answer Man" Converts to Orthodoxy 2017 MP3  
Former CRI employee and Orthodox convert Perry Robinson on Hank 2017 MP3 (see

Da Vinci Code critics

Darrell Bock Breaking The Da Vinci Code Workshop MP3
J.P. Holding Interview on The Da Vinci Code MP3
Carl Olson talk in Wisconsin MP3
Carl Olson talk in South Dakota MP3
Gary Habermas on The Da Vinci Code MP3 (2 parts)
Mike Licona Exploring The Da Vinci Code MP3
Amy Welborn on Decoding Mary Magdalene MP3
Vatican Radio interviews Fr. Gerald O'Collins and Amy Welborn MP3
Craig Blomberg on the Secret Gnostic Gospels MP3
Craig Blomberg on Conspiracy of a Divine Jesus MP3
Stephan Hoeller on Da Vinci Code from a Gnostic Perspective MP3
Stephan Hoeller on the Gnostic Gospels MP3
John Ankerberg with guests Unraveling Da Vinci MP3 (3 parts)

Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller (1999)Creation and Evolution and "Intelligent Design" Talks and Interviews

Henry M. Morris Creation Talks 1990 "The Long War Against God" etc MP3 (see
Phillip E. Johnson 1991 Moody Open Line radio MP3

Kenneth R. Miller on Intelligent Design August 2005 Open Source radio MP3
Kenneth R. Miller at Case Western Reserve in Ohio January 2006 MP3
Zachary Moore Evolution 101 Podcast Collection MP3

Denis Lamoureux on "Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate" MP3
Francis Collins on Genetics, Evolution, and Christian Faith 2006 MP3
Karl Giberson on "Can I be a Christian and Believe in Evolution?" MP3
Loren Haarsma on Human Evolution, Original Sin, and Christianity 2014 MP3

Chance Or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, and a Rational Faith by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Ignatius Press, 2007)Cardinal Christoph Schonborn on Chance or Purpose? 2008 MP3
The Church and Science by Thomas E. Woods, Jr MP3 (chapter from How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization)

Intelligent Design Panel Discussion Part 1 Fr. George Coyne and others MP3
Intelligent Design Panel Discussion Part 2 Lawrence Krauss and others MP3
Krista Tippett interviews biographer James Moore on Charles Darwin MP3
Barry Lynn interviews Barbara Forrest on the Dover ID Trial MP3
Michael Shermer and Jonathan Wells on Why Darwin Matters and ID Debate MP3

Creation and Evolution and "Intelligent Design" Debates MP3

Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters by Donald R. Prothero (Columbia Univ Press, 2007)Henry M. Morris vs. Kenneth R. Miller 1981 Debate "Evolution vs. Special Creation" MP3 (see
Phillip E. Johnson vs. Will Provine 1994 Debate "Evolution: Science or Dogma?" MP3  

The Firing Line 1997 Creation-Evolution Debate MP3 (see also debate transcript
Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design? Dembski and Behe vs. Miller and Pennock 2002 MP3  

Stephen Meyer vs. Kenneth R. Miller and Lawrence Krauss 2002 MP3 (see
Stephen Meyer, Richard Sternberg vs. Donald Prothero, Michael Shermer 2009 Debate "Evolution and Origins of Life" MP3  
Stephen Meyer, Michael Medved, Chris Mooney, others 2009 Debate "Signature in the Cell" MP3  

William Dembski vs. Eugenie Scott on Intelligent Design 2001 MP3  
William Dembski vs. Lee Silver on Intelligent Design 2005 MP3  
William Dembski vs. Michael Shermer on Intelligent Design 2005 MP3  

George Will vs. Cal Thomas on Intelligent Design from Nightline 2005 MP3 (see also transcript
Michael Behe vs. Vincent Cassone on Intelligent Design 2005 MP3  
Paul Nelson vs. Kenneth R. Miller on Intelligent Design 2005 MP3  

The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John WaltonJerry Coyne, Paul Nelson, Denis Lamoureux on Evolution and Religion 2007 MP3  
Alvin Plantinga vs. Daniel Dennett on Science and Religion: Are They Compatible? 2009 MP3  

Richard Weikart on "From Darwin To Hitler" MP3
Richard Weikart vs. Hector Avalos on Darwin and Hitler MP3  

Robert Sungenis ("Geocentrist") vs Rob Skiba ("Flat Earther") on "Biblical" Cosmology 2018 MP3  
Robert Sungenis vs David Palm on "Catholic" Geocentrism 2018 MP3  



William Lane Craig vs. Jamal Badawi debate on Islam versus Christianity MP3  
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus with Nabeel Qureshi 2013 MP3

Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really ThinkInside Islam: A Guide for CatholicsWho Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think 2008 MP3

Robert Spencer on Islam 2007 MP3 (see
Robert Spencer vs. Peter Kreeft on Islam 2010 MP3  
Robert Spencer vs. Dinesh D'Souza on Islam MP3  

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? an "Intelligence Squared" Debate 2010 MP3  
Islam and Religious Violence with Cenk Uygur ("The Young Turks") and Sam Harris 2014 MP3  

other debates and talks

theism / atheism / philosophy / faith

William Lane Craig, Daniel Dennett, Alister McGrath on Theism/Atheism MP3  
God, Science, and the Big Questions with W.L. Craig, J.P. Moreland, John Lennox MP3  

Thomas Warren vs. Antony Flew on the Existence of God 1976 (4 days -- 8 hours!) MP3  
Greg Bahnsen vs. George H. Smith The Case For / Against God 1991 MP3 (see
Cliffe Knechtle vs. Michael Newdow 2003 debate on the existence of God MP3  

Mark D. Roberts vs. Christopher Hitchens on The Great God Debate 2007 MP3  
Frank Turek vs. Christopher Hitchens on Does God Exist? 2008 MP3  

Peter May vs. John Loftus on "Unbelievable" 2008 MP3  
Cardinal George Pell vs. Dan Barker on "Without God We Are Nothing" 2010 MP3  
Tim McGrew vs. Peter Boghossian on Faith and Atheism 2014 MP3  

John Warwick Montgomery on A Lawyer Defends Christianity 2014 MP3

"New Atheism"

William Lane Craig on the "New Atheism" 2008 MP3
Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker on the "New Atheism" 2008 MP3
Keith Ward on Evolution, God, Dawkins on "Unbelievable" 2008 MP3

Tag-Team Debates on God and Purpose

Sam Harris, Michael Shermer vs. Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston on "Does God Have A Future?" 2010 MP3  
Craig, Wolpe, Geivett vs Dawkins, Ridley, Shermer on "Does the Universe have a Purpose?" 2010 MP3  
Lennox, Barker, Joanna McGrath, Shermer, Peter Hitchens, Millican on God Does or Does Not Exist 2012 MP3  

Materialism / Naturalism / Secularism

Alvin Plantinga "Against Materialism" MP3
Alvin Plantinga "Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism" MP3

Matt D vs. Kristine K on Secularists and Abortion Rights debate 2012 MP3  

Reza Aslan vs. Sam Harris on Religion and Secularism 2007 MP3  
Chris Hedges vs. Sam Harris on Religion, Ethics, Politics 2007 MP3  


Michael Licona vs. Richard Carrier on the Resurrection 2004 MP3 (see
Michael Licona vs. Dan Barker on the Resurrection 2003 MP3  

Gary Habermas vs. Kenneth Humphreys on the Resurrection 2008 MP3  

David Wood vs. John Loftus on the Resurrection 2015 MP3  
Abdu Murray vs. John Loftus on the Resurrection 2016 MP3  

Nature of God

Trinitarianism vs. Unitarianism Debate 2005 MP3  
Sean Finnegan vs. Brant Bosserman Trinity Debate 2008 MP3  

Grant Palmer Mormon Historian on Joseph Smith, Polygamy, Changing View of God(s) MP3

Presuppositional Apologetics

R.C. Sproul on Presuppositional Apologetics MP3
R.C. Sproul vs. Greg Bahnsen on Classical vs. Presuppositional Apologetics 1977 MP3  
Norman Geisler on Presuppositional Apologetics MP3

Debating Same Sex Marriage by Gallagher and CorvinoWhat is Marriage? Man and Woman: A DefenseHomosexuality, 'Gay Marriage' and Christianity

Michael Brown vs Harry Knox on Christianity and Homosexuality debate MP3  
'Gay Christian' Discussion with Michael Brown, Justin Lee, and others MP3  
Robert Gagnon vs. Jayne Ozanne on Scripture and Same-Sex Relationships MP3  

What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense with Sherif Girgis, Ryan Anderson, Robert George MP3  

Brian Brown vs Dan Savage on Gay Marriage debate MP3  
Conversation on Definition of Marriage with Robinson-Corvino vs Morse-Gagnon MP3  
Ryan Anderson vs Judith Stacy on Gay Marriage debate MP3  

End Times

Harold Camping vs. John Walvoord on Amillennialism vs. Premillennialism 1980 MP3  
Hank Hanegraaff ("preterist" c. 65 AD) vs. Mark Hitchcock ("futurist" c. 95 AD) on Dating the Book of Revelation 2007 MP3  
Albert Mohler vs Chris Date on 'Conditional Immortality' and Eternal Hell 2015 MP3  

William Lane Craig on Catholicism and the "Coming Evangelical Collapse" MP3

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