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This is an Evangelical, Biblical, and Catholic Apologetics web site containing many discussions, debates, and articles on Catholic Apologetics, Philosophy, Spirituality and Conversion Stories. See the About for more. Files and articles on this web site are freely downloadable (no license required). Please feel free to link to any of the articles or files from your web site. Links to other sites dedicated to explaining and defending the Catholic Faith are provided. MP3 Audio files include numerous Catholic and Christian apologetics talks and debates from a variety of Evangelical and Catholic speakers and authors covering subjects such as the existence of God, the resurrection of Christ, the problem of evil, atheism vs. Christianity, philosophy and science topics, creation / evolution / intelligent design, Islam and world religions, and some Roman Catholic vs. Evangelical Protestant discussions. Please link to anything in here using the www.biblicalcatholic.com domain.

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A Biblical Defense of Catholicism by Dave Armstrong (Sophia Institute Press, 2003)   Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Fr. Ronald Tacelli (Intervarsity Press, 1994)   Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome (Ignatius Press, 2016)   Chance Or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, and a Rational Faith by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Ignatius Press, 2007)   Answering Atheism: How to Make the Case for God with Logic and Charity by Trent Horn (Catholic Answers, 2013)

To us also, through every star, through every blade of grass, is not God made visible if we will open our minds and our eyes.
-- Thomas Carlyle

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