The Trinity in Nature

The Trinity in Nature

by Michael DeAngelo

The Holy Trinity is the central Mystery of the Christian Faith. God has however given us some clues in regards to this mystery by what is seen in creation. The best example I feel, would be the Sun.

The Sun could be seen as the Father, the light that is begotten from the Sun can be seen as Christ, as he says I am the light of the world, and the heat from the sun and light which proceeds from them both, can be seen as the Holy Spirit who proceeds from both the Father and the Son as the creed says. So you have them sharing in the exact same essence or substance, yet different in relation to one another and in function.

Yet the Sun, Light, and Heat have one common purpose to nurture the earth as do the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have the one common purpose of sharing its glory with mankind and bringing us into relationship with the Godhead.

The Father begets the Son as the Sun begets the light, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son as heat proceeds from the Sun and the light.

The Sun we see high in the sky, and we see the Sun through its light. In the same way, as we behold the Father through the Son, and heat is something we feel, and the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, he is the presence we feel that supports us and gives us consolations and gifts.

Therefore the one Sun shows itself as triune, sunlight and heat yet one substance or essence, as its splendid in its unity and oneness. How much more the Creator of the sun is splendid and One in his unity and oneness in his triune being.

We therefore believe in One God in three divine persons, great is the mystery of this unity. Its beyond unity, its more higher than what we can conceive as unity.

But as Saint Augustine says, if we could fully understand God he would cease to be GOD.

Michael DeAngelo

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