Subject:  Re: Website Design
From:  andrew leonard <>
Date:  Mon, May 04, 2020 8:12 pm

Thanks for your quick response . I would like you to review the details and get back to me with any question you may have.

Here is the project details, I am an eletrician  , I do installation and also sell electrical materials in stuttgart Arkansas , now am trying to expand the business ,so  i want you to build an informational website for it for advertisement and also  increase my sales rate..

So it would only be informational, and want it to look just like this sample  . so i need you to give me an estimate .The estimate should include hosting and i want the site to have not more than 3 pages ,since it is informational. I have a private project consultant, he has the text content, images and the logos for the site.

1. I want only English language
2. I don't have a domain yet but i want the domain name as  JSW electrical because the business is registered in this name  ..
3. You will be updating the site for me.
4. I will be providing the images, logos and content for the site.
5. I want the site up and running before ending of next month.
6. My budget is $2000 to $4000
 My cell is (307) 212-8759 ,you can text or call me if you got any question .


Thanks for getting back to me with the cost of the site ,since the domain i chose is taken i can go with the you suggested and that is fine with me .. I will make 50% deposit so you can get on the job asap , ,also you will be working with my graphic designer as soon as i make payment as am a busy working on a contract right now but you will get all the information you will be needing for the website from him. I will need a little help from you regarding his payment before he can send the text content ,logo and design to you . I want you to help me coordinate his payment with yours and once the funds is cleared to you ,you send his payment to him on my behalf and once he get that he will forward all the details you will be needing for the site to you .. Please get back to me ..

Thanks for your understanding you can send him the payment through Zelle ok ,so once he get his payment he will send you the text content ,logo ,images and all other information for the site.

 His payment is for $2750 ,so send me the payment invoice so i can make payment ,also send me your cell number so i can easily text you to discuss ..